New Years Upgrades For Your Chevy


If you're looking for a way to spruce up your vehicle for the new year, a few smart upgrades may be in order. You don't always need to purchase a new car to get a like-new driving experience. Consider these upgrades to help your Chevy ring in the new year with a fresh style:


Chevy Performance Chip

A Chevy performance chip is one of the best upgrades you can invest in because it essentially translates into a slew of upgraded features for your vehicle. Today’s vehicles are increasingly becoming controlled by computers. From the air-fuel ratio to the ignition, nearly everything that your vehicle does comes back to that chip delivering essential instructions for its performance on the road.

An upgraded Chevy performance chip recalibrates your vehicle's operating parameters. You can find many different types of performance chips, each tailored to address a different aspect of your vehicle’s performance, such as horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and throttle response. The performance chip communicates with your vehicle's electronic devices and gives it different directions than what the manufacturer originally set.

The performance chip slips in between the engine and computer. It's easy to install and equally simple to remove. Unlike other upgrades for your Chevy, this one won't leave a noticeable footprint, so you can easily get rid of it if you decide to sell your vehicle and upgrade to a new model entirely.


Upgraded Exhaust System

Chevrolet offers a wide selection of upgraded exhaust systems that you can purchase right from the manufacturer. These original equipment manufacturer systems perfectly fit your vehicle, giving you enhanced performance backed by the renowned quality and reliability that you've come to expect from Chevrolet products. Upgrades like this can keep your New Vehicle Limited Warranty intact while boosting your vehicle's capabilities. Some of the options that you can purchase include the following:

  • Chevy Colorado 2.8L Diesel Exhaust Tip Relocation Kit: Improve your exhaust tip clearance with this kit that lifts the exhaust pipe, so you can better tackle rock crawling and other off-road adventures. This kit can give you up to two inches of additional clearance, as well as an enhanced exhaust tip angle that's adjusted up to 9 degrees.
  • Chevy Colorado 3.6L Single-Exhaust Upgrade System: Designed to enhance the sound and appearance of your truck, this exhaust system kit features 3" diameter piping and a high-polish stainless steel tip.
  • Chevy Silverado 5.3L Single-Exit Exhaust Upgrade System: This kit will help reduce back pressure up to 35% to increase performance. It can add up to 7 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and provide as much as four more lb-ft of torque at 4,100 rpm.
  • Chevy Silverado 5.3L Dual-Exit Exhaust Upgrade System: This exhaust upgrade kit adds as much as 10 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and six more lb-ft of torque at 4,100 rpm by reducing back pressure up to 41%.
  • Chevy Silverado 6.2L Dual-Exit Exhaust Upgrade System: By reducing back pressure by as much as 40%, this upgrade can give you a boost of up to 12 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and eight additional lb-ft of torque.


Air Intake System

Upgrading your vehicle's air intake system essentially helps it breathe better. Delivering cleaner air throughout the system can improve horsepower, torque, and gas mileage. Chevy offers factory-engineered intake upgrades, such as the 3.6L cold air intake system. This installation will reduce your air intake restriction by as much as 20% at peak airflow. The 5.3L cold intake system is another manufacturer part that will improve air flow by as much as 15%. These upgrades are 50-state emissions compliant, and neither will void your New Vehicle Limited Warranty.


Enhanced Suspension

Installing an enhanced suspension on your Chevy will give you a smoother ride that can make even an older vehicle feel like new. Some options that you might want to consider include the following:

  • Leaf Spring Upgrade: Leaf springs eliminate the need for separate links, providing a lighter, simpler system with improved handling. They also control axle damping and chassis roll effectively. Rear leaf springs serve as an outstanding towing upgrade on select Silverado models.
  • Heavy-duty coil springs: Equipped with shock absorbers right inside the spring unit, this type of upgraded suspension will increase your hauling capacity while providing a smoother ride.
  • SuperSprings: SuperSprings engage when your factory leaf springs have hit their maximum load capacity. These springs simply bolt onto the existing leaf springs to instantly improve your towing and handling with heavy loads.


Rear Wheel Well Guards

Rear wheel well guards are an outstanding upgrade for any Chevy truck trim that encounters challenging roads. These guards protect the wheel wells from sprays of dirt, gravel, rocks, and salt. They can keep your suspension, fifth wheel components, and air bag safe in rugged conditions. The rear wheel well guards add aesthetic appeal to your vehicle, giving it a cleaner look all while making it easier to keep clean.


Tire Upgrades

Upgrading the tires is one of the easiest ways for you to give your Chevy a new look and greater driving capabilities. If you've made other upgrades to your vehicle to increase its power and performance, you may find it necessary to also upgrade your tires to really get the most out of your new features. You can often improve your handling with a wider tire that has a greater diameter. This gives you extra contact with the ground and the capacity for a wider tread with more grip.

When you're upgrading tires, always make sure that they're designed for the specific make and model of your vehicle. This will give you the proper fit and ensure that your enhanced tires don't cause any problems or touch parts of the vehicle that they shouldn't.


If you need assistance upgrading your Chevy vehicle, contact our service center at Jim Tubman Chevrolet in Ottawa, Ontario. We can assist with repairs, maintenance, and more. Contact our professionals to learn more about the best upgrades for your Chevy and how you can enhance your vehicle while protecting your warranty. We're on hand to help.


Image by Giorgio Trovato is licensed with Unsplash License

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Explore the ByWard Market in Ottawa, ON


At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we love to celebrate our beautiful Ottawa — whether by providing our community with auto-related services or highlighting local places and activities you can get involved in to make life more enjoyable. In today's post, we're doing the latter, as we're discussing one of Canada's oldest and largest markets, the ByWard Market.

Read on to learn more about this market's rich history, how the market works, and what you can look forward to when you visit.


History of the ByWard Market

In 1826, Lieutenant-Colonel John By, the renowned builder of the Rideau Canal, designed the street plan for the market, widening the George and York streets so that horse-drawn carriages could fit and transport foodstuff every day. He initially created it as a place where farmers, craft merchants, and vendors could sell their products, but it has now grown into a neighbourhood of indoor and outdoor entertainment, shopping, and dining.

An average of 50,000 people visit the ByWard Market each weekend during the summer months, and it's one of the city's most frequently visited places. Here you'll find over 600 businesses, including patisseries, restaurants, cafes and market stalls. You can also enjoy live music and special events. We can only describe it as a bustling place full of life and entertaining options from dawn to dusk in the heart of downtown Ottawa.


Things To Do at the ByWard Market

As Canada's largest market, it's safe to say that you'll need more than a day to explore it all. But there are a few spots we think you should check out ASAP. Start by walking around the district to marvel at the architecture that contributed to the market's advancement — including the U.S. Embassy and the Connaught Building on Sussex Drive.

You can then visit the giant Ottawa sign, once part of the Inspiration Village that was created in 2017 to commemorate Canada's 150th anniversary. This village featured artistic installations made of sea containers, but it was the sign that gained the most attention on Instagram, so it's now a permanent landmark.

If you've ever dreamed of going to Hogwarts, a hidden gem in the ByWard Market resembles the castle. We're talking, of course, about the Former Geological Survey of Canada Building. After touring it, if you'd like a more open space surrounded by nature, head over to Major's Hill Park and enjoy the peaceful view of the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal, as well as the lovely gardens and winding paths.

Please note that the ByWard Market has ambassadors — students that ensure the public has a positive experience at the market. They are there to help you navigate and enjoy the market, so if you don't feel confident going somewhere alone, you can request them to go with you. Or, if you have questions or want some advice on your purchases, you can ask them. Ambassadors are available from May to Labor Day. To recognize them, look for their bright yellow shirts.


Food and Drink

If there's a place that has something for any taste and occasion, it's the ByWard Market. It has everything, including cappuccinos, late-night kababs, breakfast burritos, and artisan bread. For a better eating experience, go early on an empty stomach and eat your way around the market.

For breakfast, visit one of the gorgeous patisseries or cafes nearby. And depending on whether you have a sweet or salty tooth, you can order a traditional Montreal-style bagel, a Mexican churro, or a delicious and filling smoothie from Pure Power Juice Bar. If you want a little treat in the morning, start with a French macaron, a classic Canadian Beavertail, or a red velvet cupcake. And if you're craving ice cream, Mantovani 1946, Amore Gelato, and Piccolo Grande Artisan Gelateria make authentic gelatos.

For freshly baked artisan bread, French pastries, and bistro fare, go to Le Moulin de Provence, a local favourite. For lunch or dinner, 98 La La Noodle is the perfect spot for delicious Chinese noodles, while The Senate is a restaurant with a daily burger special you may want to try. Or stop at Sidedoor, a beloved Chinese-inspired eatery with loyal customers, or Social Restaurant + Lounge, a restaurant with a modern twist on Canadian and French cuisine. For wine lovers, Play Food & Wine has all the delicious food plus a wide selection of wines for you to try.

If drinks are all you crave, Atari Garden encourages you to get creative with cocktails and try as many unusual combinations as you can. Lowertown Brewery offers pre-prohibition beverages, while the Chateau Lafayette is the perfect place to go back in time and enjoy a drink at a spot that's been around for over 167 years. For the ultimate experience, try one of ByWard Market's guided walking foodie tours.



For unique custom and signature jewelry, visit Disegno or AJ Horton Goldsmith. If you're after fashion pieces, stop by the Quichua World Market or Adorit Boutique or visit Kaliyana. Try l'HEXAGONE for suits, tuxedos, and casual menswear, and Sukhoo Sukhoo for stunning gowns. Schad Boutique has all the upscale accessories you need, while the Milk Shop features an eclectic collection you don't want to miss.

It's a challenging task to list all the places you can shop at in the ByWard Market, so we recommend taking a guided tour or exploring them all yourself.


Places To Stay

If you're after an upscale and contemporary place to stay, book a suite at Andaz Ottawa or Copper Spirits & Sights Lounge. Other accommodation options include Le Germain Hotel, the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, The Westin Ottawa, and Les Suites Hotel.

So, there you have it, a fascinating guide to the ByWard market — we hope you'll love it as much as we do. At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we're committed to helping and contributing to improving our community in every way possible. If you're ever in need of a reliable dealership, please get in touch with a member of our team.


ByWard Market, Ottawa by Bonnie Dean is licensed with CC BY 2.0

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Tips When Shopping for a Used Car


Many Canadians need to have their own vehicle to drive. But buying a new car may be out of your budget. Luckily, there are a lot of benefits to purchasing a used car, including the fact that buying a used car can help you stay within budget. A vehicle depreciates the most within its first few years on the road, so getting a high-quality pre-owned model can have financial benefits beyond the lower monthly payments. Here are some tips to help you get the best car at the best price when shopping for a used car in Ottawa or anywhere else in Canada.


Determine Your Budget

Having a budget means knowing precisely what you can afford to spend on your monthly car payments. It's easy to get swept up in high-end features and luxury models when you're at the dealership, so setting a budget for yourself can help you stay away from the ones you can't afford right from the start. But it doesn't end there. You also need to know how much you’ll be paying for car insurance, maintenance, and any other factors associated with owning the vehicle you want. Once you know your budget, you can look for a car within that price range.

Shop for a Vehicle Online

Thanks to the power of the internet, shopping for a new car can be easy. Just pull up our online inventory page and search for a used model that fits the budget you've already established. You can use other filters to narrow down or expand your search based on your needs.

Choose a sleek sedan, such as the Hyundai Elantra or Chevrolet Malibu, or choose a tough and rugged truck, such as the Jeep Gladiator or Chevrolet Colorado. We frequently have used models of these available, and our inventory is constantly changing, so check back often to see what's currently on the lot.

Decide Where To Buy

Ottawa certainly has its share of auto dealerships, and we encourage you to shop around for the one that best suits your needs. You can check dealership reviews from customers who have purchased vehicles in the past. It may also be a good idea to check reviews of the service department since you'll need to bring your vehicle back for routine maintenance at some point. We're sure you'll find that all our customers leave satisfied with their vehicles and their repairs because we go out of our way to provide exceptional service.

Research the Vehicle

Once you know which vehicle you want and which dealership you want to buy from, you can research it. This should include getting a detailed history report that gives you information on the vehicle's past maintenance, records of any accidents, and details on who the previous owners were. Another thing to consider before you purchase a used car in Canada is getting a pre-purchase inspection report. This document will provide information on the car's cosmetic, mechanical, and safety conditions. You can then use this information to get a better deal on the vehicle when you're ready to purchase it.

Test-Drive the Vehicle

If you've determined that a vehicle has the right price to fit your budget, is available at a dealership where you want to shop, and is in good working order and condition, you can go to the lot and take it for a test drive. We highly recommend taking the car you want to own out on the road before you buy it, as it allows you to see how it feels to be behind the wheel.

It’s important that you pay attention to how the car handles at both low and high speeds. Remember to also check out things such as the placement and ease of the controls for the heat, radio, and other things you may want to change as you drive. Don't be afraid to ask questions while you’re testing the car to ensure you feel comfortable with your choice.

Negotiate the Price

After you settle on the particular vehicle you want, it's time to negotiate the price. Before you go to the dealership, make sure you know the market value of the car you want. Research the price for similar makes and models at other dealerships, and be sure to check for similar features to the model you're considering. You can also use the information from your vehicle reports to help you get a better price. For example, if you know the vehicle has had bodywork done, you may be able to get it for less than the dealer is asking.

Apply for Financing

It's common for car buyers to require financing to help with the purchase of their new vehicle, even if it’s a used model. When you know which one you want and how much it will cost, you can apply for financing if you require it. Jim Tubman Chevrolet has an excellent finance department that can help connect you with a lender who can offer you the right terms. We help everyone get financing, even those with no credit or negative entries on their reports. Let us help you finalize the deal on the car you want.

Close the Deal

The dealership will typically complete all the paperwork to close the deal on your new used vehicle. This process shouldn't take long, and once it's finished, you can drive away in your new-to-you car. Keep in mind that buying a used car from a private seller has different requirements, and you may need to determine what these are in your province to ensure you complete the transaction correctly. Even when purchasing from a dealership, buying a used car can be different in each province, so be sure to check the rules if you're not in Ottawa.

If you're looking for the ideal used vehicle that fits your budget and meets your needs, you can stop by Jim Tubman Chevrolet to see what we have available. We have a wide selection, so you're sure to find something that suits your lifestyle and driving habits. You can contact us to find out more about any of the vehicles we offer.


Image by Kenny Eliason is licensed with Unsplash License

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Take Someone Special to Any of These Top-Rated Ottawa, ON Restaurants

Ottawa has a diverse culinary scene with new establishments opening every year. With so many dining options, you'll never run out of great places to eat; the problem is where you should start. From small, locally owned bistros to oyster bars, food trucks, and fine dining, there is always something for everyone. If you're looking for a place to take someone special, here are some of the top-rated restaurants in Ottawa.


Restaurant Les Fougères

If you head to Chelsea, just north of Ottawa, you can dine at Les Fougères . Owners Charles Part and Jennifer Warren-Part opened the restaurant almost 30 years ago and have been serving expertly crafted dishes in a fine-dining atmosphere ever since. This award-winning restaurant serves small and large plates created with local ingredients along with pizzas cooked in the hearth oven.

Some of the dishes you can get at Les Fougères include the Atlantic halibut with roasted cabbage and grapefruit and the seared grand bank's scallop, shrimp, and salt cod ravioli. If you can’t decide, the grilled flank steak with zucchini beef jus and shishito vinaigrette is always a good choice.


NEXT first opened in 2013 and was rated as one of Canada's hottest 100 new restaurants in 2015. You'll find it in the west end of the city in Stittsville, offering a menu that reflects the best food memories of chef Michael Blackie. The food at NEXT is often described as a fusion of Canadian roots and influences from both Asia and Europe.

The dishes at NEXT are designed to be shared. You can start with small plates, such as the kapow cauliflower with sweet soy and plum vinegar sambal, cashew, and edamame, or try the shrimp and chorizo croquette. The oven-roasted asparagus is always a good choice. It's made with spiced miso cream, scallions, and pickled ginger. For your main dish, try Blackie's crispy chicken or the slow-roasted beef brisket. There's also a pan-seared ling cod and the 32-day aged Prince Edward Island prime beef rib-eye.


With its 44-course tasting menu, Atelier offers a unique dining experience. When you plan a dinner at Atelier, plan for a four-hour event. The staff encourages smartphones, so you can take pictures of the Instagram-worthy plating and share them with your followers. Reservations are required, and when you book your dinner, you can request pairing options to go with your meal. There are options for full wine pairing, half wine pairing, and cocktail pairing. If you don't drink but still want the experience, the staff also provides placebo pairing.

Restaurant e18hteen

Chef Dave creates a menu for Restaurant e18hteen that highlights the best of Canada. He puts his own stamp on the food by finding ways to use ingredients in new and innovative ways. You'll find e18hteen in the ByWard Market, where you can feast on menu items such as grilled octopus, miso-glazed black cod, and Atlantic lobster.

Choose from several raw and chilled items, such as oysters, jumbo prawn cocktail, and yellowfin tuna tartare. The steak tartare is another delicious choice from this menu. You can also get steaks and chops cooked just the way you like, and these come with a choice of two sides and one sauce. The sides are just as good as the entrées, with russet pomme frites, seasonal vegetables, pomme purée, and herb salad to choose from.


Beckta is a fine-dining experience with à-la-carte and tasting menus. If you prefer something a little more casual, the wine bar has a more laid-back atmosphere than the formal dining room but still offers the same fantastic food. The two dining areas share a menu but offer different dining experiences.

The menu at Beckta features a wonderful cheese and charcuterie board with a daily selection of meats, cheeses, and seasonal spreads. There are also several small plates to choose from for something light. The grilled prawns or charcoal grilled octopus are good options, along with the steak tartare and pan-seared sweetbreads. When you want more than just a small plate, the large plate menu has options for any diner, no matter what you like to eat. From smoked duck breast to pan-seared branzino and Beverly Creek striploin, this menu has something for everyone.

Beckta has an extensive wine menu with a variety of wines sold by the glass. The house cocktails are handcrafted by the talented staff with drinks such as the South Island Smoke with Ardbeg 10, gin, pomegranate, orange, lime, and egg whites.


Absinthe is a contemporary restaurant with a constantly changing menu of seasonal and gourmet European dishes. The café is inspired by 19th-century Parisian cafés and features black leather booths, low lighting, and dark hardwood tables. Combine this unique atmosphere with contemporary cuisine for the perfect dining experience.

The menu offers an extensive list of wines and cocktails and a prix-fixe menu. You can feast on dishes such as their well-known steak frites with marinated and grilled AAA steak, green beans, and wonderful horseradish aioli.

Make sure to save room for dessert. The Crème Brulée is a must.

La Bottega Nicastro

La Bottega Nicastro is a casual spot in Ottawa with fantastic food. The counter-service and specialty food establishment has a premium espresso bar with homemade lunch items, along with wine, Italian beer, and deli sandwiches to go.

This is the perfect spot for a casual lunch in Ottawa and a great place to go when you need something quick. You'll find it in the ByWard Market, and you can choose from many options to build your ideal sandwich. Start with your favorite meat and cheese, and then choose a bread and add the spicy eggplant for one of your toppings. You won't be disappointed.

The staff at Jim Tubman Chevrolet hope this list of restaurants in Ottawa gives you some ideas for the next time you want to take someone special out for a meal. If you know of other restaurants we missed, make sure to give us a call or stop by the dealership to tell us about them.


Fine Dining by LeonardKong is licensed with CC BY 2.0

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2023 Chevy Traverse vs. 2022 GMC Acadia


In the life of the modern Ottawa family, there are times when a car just doesn't seem like enough to meet your needs, and a full-size SUV seems like more than you want to try to handle. Thankfully, the midsize SUV, capable of holding three seating rows, was introduced as a driving option for families not too long ago, which gives you the best of both worlds.


At the top of the lists of available midsize SUVs, you'll often find both the Chevrolet Traverse and the GMC Acadia. Both are great family vehicles that have inherited the impressive engineering legacy of General Motors, but which one makes the most sense for you to invest in? Taking a closer look at each of the 2023 editions of these vehicles reveals that there is a clear winner, and that winner is the 2023 Chevy Traverse. Let's go over some of the numbers, and what they mean.

The Practical Advantages

Not every family has half a dozen kids, but that doesn't mean you won't be trying to pack as many kids — or even adults — into your vehicle as possible from time to time. The 2023 Chevy Traverse has third row seating with the astonishing option of carrying up to eight passengers, while the 2023 GMC Acadia comes close, with the option to carry up to seven passengers. The 79-inch width of the Traverse compared to the 75-inch width of the Acadia will make a big difference in the comfort of your average passenger.

Chevrolet understands that when you do have a vehicle full of kids on their way to a hockey or soccer practice on busy Ottawa streets, the most important thing is their safety. The serious list of safety features for both the Chevy Traverse and the GMC Acadia includes airbags, a rear vision camera, electronic stability and traction control, lane-keep assist and lane departure warning, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, and lane change and blind zone alert. For safety, both vehicles offer a complete list of state-of-the-art features, and it's important to know they are there.

There will come a day when you'll need to help someone move, or move out, or you'll need to make something like an emergency run for the overlooked bananas for the school's ice cream social that's starting in half an hour. That's when you're really going to appreciate the room that Chevrolet's engineers built into the Traverse cargo. The GMC Acadia offers a maximum cargo space of 79 cubic feet. But the maximum cargo space for the taller and wider Chevy Traverse is over 98 cubic feet. That's an amazing difference, and a lot more room for bananas.

The Power Advantages

There could also come a day when the things you need to take with you on the road will only fit on or in a trailer. That's when you'll appreciate what the 2023 Chevy Traverse has under the hood. The 3.6L V-6 engine that comes standard in the Chevy Traverse has 310 horsepower, compared to the 228 horsepower of the standard 2.0L turbocharged engine in the 2023 GMC Acadia.

This means that not only will you be able to get to 60 mph /95 kph faster in a Chevy Traverse, you'll be able to tow up to 5,000 lbs, compared to the 3,500 lbs that the Acadia is capable of towing. You'll definitely appreciate the difference when you have a lot to haul, and especially when your road is going to take you up some long and steep hills.

The power of the Chevy Traverse means that its fuel efficiency will be slightly lower than the Acadia's 22 mpg or 10.6L/100 km for city driving and 29 mpg or 8L/100 km on the highway. But the Traverse still gets a respectable 18 mpg or 13.6L/100 km in the city and 27 mpg or 9.6L/100 km on highways, and its edge in power is what's going to let you take more people and things along with you, as well as help you get out of unexpected trouble.

The Price Advantages

Although prices can vary because of differing vehicle options, the starting MSRP for the base model Traverse LS is $48,511, while the starting MSRP for the base model Acadia SLE is $51,597.

For the mid-range Traverse LT with cloth seats, the MSRP is $51,930, while the MSRP of the equivalent Acadia SLT is $57,410.

At the higher end, Acadia gains a slight edge. The MSRP for the Traverse RS is $62,740, and the Acadia AT4 MSRP is $60,558. Overall, you're simply getting more for your money with the 2023 Chevy Traverse.

Another factor to consider is what will happen down the road. In 2022, Chevrolet consistently earned significant awards from J.D. Power, where GMC wasn't able to. These were the 2022 J.D. Power Quality Award for the fewest problems reported by new vehicle owners, and the 2022 J.D. Power Dependability Award for fewest problems reported by owners of 3-year-old vehicles. This means that Chevy is leading the way in transportation industry quality, so your 2023 Chevy Traverse is more likely to have less problems and hold its value over time.

Although both the 2023 Chevrolet Traverse and the 2023 GMC Acadia are desirable midsize SUVs, the Chevy Traverse stands out as the favorite, both from the testimony of Traverse owners and in reviews by industry professionals. On ConsumerAffairs.com, Traverse owners gave an average rating of 4/5, while Acadia owners gave an average rating of 3.3/5. The professionals at AutoTrader Canada gave the 2022 Traverse a 7.9/10 overall rating, while giving the 2022 Acadia a 7.6/10 overall rating.

At Jim Tubman Chevrolet in Ottawa, we'd be delighted to get you lined up with the Chevy Traverse that fits your family best. Please let us know what you need, and we'll get right on it.

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Warm Up With a Hot Cup of Coffee at These 8 Special Coffee Spots in Ottawa, ON


If you're looking forward to the lower temperatures in Ontario this winter, you might also be looking for new places to visit. It's never a bad idea to find a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, especially if you want to enjoy the winter weather from a cozy spot. Here are some of the most unique coffee spots in Ontario where you can warm up with a cup of joe.


Oat Couture Oatmeal Cafe

Oat Couture is an Old Ottawa South favorite that specializes in oatmeal bowls. Whether you're interested in sweet oatmeal with marshmallows and chocolate chips or a fruit-based bowl, you've got plenty of oatmeal dishes to try here. You can enjoy a hot cup of De Mello drip coffee or an espresso drink as you relax in the cafe and watch the world go by.

The menu is full of gluten-friendly, vegan, and dairy-free options. Check out the Sunnyside oatmeal bowl, which comes with bacon, tomatoes, jalapenos, sprouts, and cheddar, or the Orchard overnight oats, which come with maple pecans, applesauce, cinnamon, and yogurt. If you're just coming in for coffee, you can choose from a latte, mocha, vanilla latte, or iced Americano. A selection of teas and hot chocolates is also available.

  • Location: 1154 Bank St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday.


The Ministry of Coffee

The Ministry of Coffee is a coffee shop with a relaxing, cozy vibe. It's a popular place for locals to work on laptops or read a book, and there are four locations in the area for you to choose from. The Elgin location is in the heart of downtown, and it's where all the coffee beans are roasted and distributed. Not only is this a great spot to grab a cup of coffee but it's also a place to learn. In fact, the coffee shop offers a Coffee 101 class and a Latte Art class.

Do you want to know what's on the menu before you arrive? The Ministry of Coffee offers filter coffee, espresso, flat white lattes, mochas, and flavored lattes. You can also get a seasonal nitrogen cold brew. If you aren't in the mood for coffee, you can choose from its large tea selection.

  • Location: 274 Elgin St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


Little Victories Coffee Roasters

Little Victories Coffee Roasters is a small specialty coffee roaster. The independent shop was started by two friends with a strong passion for coffee. Two locations in Ottawa allow you to choose the environment that you like most. The Elgin location is situated downtown in a unique building.

Regardless of which destination you choose, you can enjoy delicious filter coffee, milk-based drinks, and espressos. Little Victories even offers a flight if you're not sure what kind of coffee you're interested in. There’s a selection of milk alternatives, including coconut, macadamia, almond, and soy milk. The menu also includes a tea selection.

  • Location: 801 Bank St., Ottawa and 44 Elgin St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


Happy Goat Coffee Company

Happy Goat Coffee Company has several locations in Ottawa, and each one takes an environmentally friendly approach. Several cafes serve Happy Goat coffee, and some locations even serve cocktails in the afternoons and evenings. If you'd rather drink your coffee at home, you can order bags of beans to brew your own cup of joe. Some locations also offer live music, including jazz nights with local musicians.

  • Location: 326 Elgin St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday.


Honey Coffee Bar

Honey Coffee Bar is more than a coffee shop. It's also a restaurant serving paninis, salads, and belgian waffles with vanilla gelato. You can also order toast, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and a variety of Italian sodas. The colorful atmosphere makes for a hip lunch spot, but it's also a relaxing space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a good book. If you’re looking for a European-inspired destination in Ontario, this is a great option.

  • Location: 1564 Stittsville Main St., Stittsville.
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


Morning Owl Coffee House

Since 2009, Morning Owl Coffee House has offered organic, direct-trade coffee. This independent franchise is spread over several locations, including a mobile van in Japan. The menu includes breakfast and lunch items, such as sandwiches, burritos, and chicken curry.

Of course, the shop's true passion is coffee. The menu includes drip coffee, cappuccino, chai latte, espresso, macchiato, and Australian flat white. A selection of sweet lattes, including the Peppermint Patty and White Cow lattes, also grace the menu. Iced coffee drinks are available for those warmer days.

  • Location: 538 Rochester St., Ottawa and 229 Armstrong St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Sunday.


Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar

If you like your coffee shops inside quirky bookstores, Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar could be your next destination. While the cafe uses beans from Little Victories Coffee Roasters and Cloud Forest, the cafe is worth a visit on its own. As you get stuck into a new book, you can enjoy a baked item, such as a date square, power cookie, cinnamon bun, or bean roll. Drip coffee, lattes, and other warm drinks are there to greet you on a cold day that you'd rather spend indoors.

  • Location: 1073 Bank St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday.


If you like to drive to your favorite coffee shops, you'll need a great ride to get there. Jim Tubman Chevrolet offers used and new vehicles That will help you get to your next destination, wherever that may be. Better yet, you can bring your cup of coffee and make sure your new vehicle has great cup holders. We're here to help you find a car you love.


Image by Nathan Dumlao is licensed with Unsplash License

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Chevy Truck Trims Explained

When you're looking to buy a Chevrolet truck, you'll likely notice that they can come in different versions. Each Chevrolet truck has several trim options to choose from, and these trims impact the features and performance you get from the truck. Below, we'll outline some key differences between the available Chevrolet truck trims to help you decide which one is right for you.


Available Chevrolet Truck Trims

There are eight different trims available on Chevrolet truck models. These trims are:

Work Truck

The most basic trim you'll find on a Chevrolet truck is the Work Truck trim. The Work Truck trim is for those who want a truck with just the bare essentials and don't need many of the interior comforts or amenities. These are trucks designed to get the job done at an affordable price. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that the Work Truck trims don't have any features. Many Chevrolet trucks with this trim come standard with features such as a backup camera, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, tire pressure sensors, and more.

Custom and Custom Trail Boss

The next step up from the Work Truck trim is the Custom trim. The biggest difference with this trim is that you'll get some new exterior features, such as a body-coloured grille, 20-inch silver alloy wheels, and front and rear bumpers. The Custom trim also comes with some performance improvements, such as standard cruise control, heated exterior mirrors, and remote keyless entry.

The Custom Trail Boss trim is similar to the Custom trim, except it adds features that make it more suitable for going off-road. For example, the Custom Trail Boss trim of the Silverado adds a 2-inch suspension lift, hill descent control, and automatic locking rear differential. If you want an affordable truck that can handle tougher terrain, you should consider getting the Custom Trail Boss trim of any Chevrolet truck.

LT and LT Trail Boss

The LT trim of Chevrolet trucks offers a nice balance between features and cost. With the LT trim, you have the option of upgrading to a strong engine for better performance. In addition, you'll get standard features such as a touch screen infotainment system, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a chrome grille center bar on the exterior.

Just like with the Custom trim, the LT trim can also come as the LT Trail Boss. Upgrading to this trim is the same as with the Custom Trail Boss in that you'll get the better off-road equipment. For example, with the Silverado LT Trail Boss, you can also get a dual exhaust system and the option to upgrade to a 6.2L V8 engine.


The RST trim is a new option for Chevrolet Silverado trucks. This trim adds some convenience features to the Custom trim, such as LED headlights, cargo lighting, tail lamps, a 10-way power seat with lumbar support, a power-sliding rear window, and a keyless open and start system. Some cosmetic improvements include 18-inch wheels, silver mirror caps, a center bar, and door handles, among others. The biggest difference between the RST and the LT is perhaps the appearance, with the RST removing all of the chrome pieces for a more street-friendly look.


If you're looking for a luxury truck, you'll want to consider one of the final two trims. The LTZ is the first of the luxury trims available on Chevrolet trucks. Inside, you can expect features such as heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, an HD backup camera, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a premium Bose sound system, a power sunroof, dual-zone climate control, and more. These Chevrolet trucks can still handle the tough tasks you send at them, but now you'll be able to do them in comfort and style.

High Country

Finally, there's the High Country trim. This is the trim to select if you want the best that Chevrolet offers in a truck in terms of both performance and luxury. Some of the features you'll get with the High Country trim include the following:

  • 2-speed Autotrac transfer case.
  • A spray-on bed liner.
  • Heated and ventilated front seats.
  • Heated rear outboard in the rear seats.
  • A heated steering wheel.
  • A Bose premium audio system.

You'll also get great safety features, such as a lane change alert, blind spot monitoring system, and rear cross traffic alert. There are so many features included with the High Country trim that the best thing you can do is explore the vehicle in person to experience them all for yourself.

Which Trim Level Is Right for You?

As you can see, there are plenty of options when you're trying to decide which trim level to get. To determine which trim is right for you, you'll want to think about your personal preferences when it comes to features versus cost. If you're someone who just needs a reliable truck for work, then you might prefer the simplicity of the Work Truck trim.

On the other hand, if you expect to take long drives in this truck, you may prefer a more comfortable experience, in which case a trim such as the High Country or LTX might be more suitable.

Get Your Next Truck at Jim Tubman Chevrolet

If you need help deciding which trim level to get with your next Chevrolet truck, Jim Tubman Chevrolet of Ottawa is here to help. We can answer any questions you may have about the differences between the trim levels and help you decide which one best suits your needs. We also have a wide range of trucks in stock at all times, so we can easily set you up with a test drive.

To learn more, please contact us today and schedule an appointment at our dealership in Ottawa. You can also explore our latest new truck inventory or our latest vehicle specials before you visit. Choosing the right trim level is an important decision, so be sure you select the right one by working with the expert team at Jim Tubman Chevrolet.

Image via chevrolet.com

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Embrace the Beauty of Ottawa’s Fall Colours

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the fall colours. If you've been looking forward to the changing leaves and gorgeous landscapes, you aren't alone. In fact, the region is full of amazing destinations to photograph. Our team at Jim Tubman Chevrolet has put together a list of some of the best places to see the fall foliage. Check out some of these Ottawa destinations to take great photos of scenic views.


Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Mer Bleue Conservation Area is one of Ottawa's most unique natural destinations. A boardwalk guides you through the bog, where you can see the autumn colours in all their glory. You might even spot a few rare birds. Not only will you catch the leaves on the trees changing, but you'll also see the bushes changing colour. Visiting this area is entirely free, and it's just a 20-minute drive away from downtown. Once there, you can hike the 6-kilometre trail through the forest, and at the end, you'll be able to peer down over the gorgeous landscape.

Gatineau Park

If you plan to visit Gatineau Park during Fall Rhapsody, you should be warned that the park can be quite busy. But there's a reason for this: the colours are incredible. A free shuttle operates on weekends throughout fall to help visitors check out the views for themselves. October is the perfect time to visit if you want to see the most colour.

This destination is just 15 minutes away from downtown and full of photo ops. Once there, you can drive through the 361 kilometres of parkland, look at the tranquil waterfalls in the forest, or go for a scenic hike. However, visiting during the week is best to avoid weekend crowds.

Hog's Back Falls

If you love waterfalls, Hog's Back Falls will be one of the most photogenic spots to visit in the fall. This location is south of downtown and within walking distance of Carleton University. In the fall, green, yellow, orange, and red leaves gorgeously adorn the walking paths. The waterfalls are also accessible by bike via the Rideau Canal path and are free to visit. You'll also find many picnic benches where you can enjoy a meal outside.

Fletcher Wildlife Garden

Fletcher Wildlife Garden is another beautiful spot you don't want to miss this fall. Plants, birds, amphibians, and other wildlife can make the fall foliage even more attractive. The garden includes several unique sections so you can pick and choose your fall view. You don't want to miss the Amphibian Pond, Evergreen Woods, or Butterfly Meadow.

The Dominion Arboretum

Even in the middle of Ottawa, you can feel like you're lost in the woods. The Dominion Arboretum is a 3-kilometre walk along the canal, and the fantastic views throughout the park are bold and beautiful. In addition to seeing the changing colours of the leaves, you might also catch a glimpse of some wildlife, including birds. If you're in the mood for a walk, this is a beautiful place to see more than 2,000 plant species, many of which change with the seasons.

The winding path also offers a decent workout. But if you'd rather not walk, you can get additional views of Dominion Arboretum from the water. You can kayak or canoe the Rideau Canal to see the trees.

ByWard Market

If you prefer to look at the leaves with a few friends, you might want to check out one of the busier Ottawa destinations, such as the ByWard Market. The market is a great place to take photos during the autumn months. You'll find plenty of stunning backdrops, including pumpkins and freshly picked apples. The market extends indoors and outdoors, so you can take in plenty of the full flavour of fall. While scoping out the fall foliage and harvested goods, you can also buy some tasty treats, including baked snacks.


If you're up for a drive in your new car, Pumpkinferno is a must-see attraction. Situated in Morrisburg, Ontario, Pumpkinferno is a pathway through thousands of hand-carved pumpkins. In fact, you can walk the kilometre-long path and see each jack-o'-lantern lit up under the night sky. The event is open each night through late September and October. You can buy tickets now for the event, which will showcase seven new themes this year. It’s a completely family-friendly event, so all ages will enjoy it.

Downtown Ottawa

If you're already in the city, Downtown Ottawa is a great place to see the changing leaves, and October is the perfect month to scope out the lovely colours. Major's Hill Park is one of the best places to view the foliage in addition to the Parliament Buildings. Once you've got your fill of the views, you can trek down the Ottawa River Pathway where you'll get to see great fall leaves against the backdrop of the city's beautiful architecture.

If you want to enjoy a drink while taking in the foliage, check out Tavern on the Hill, which features a lovely patio. You can also grab a bite to eat as you take in the postcard-worthy view.

Eagles Nest Lookout

If you love to hike, you know that the view at the top of the peak is the best reward. In autumn, this is especially true. Eagles Nest Lookout is a great option to explore this fall. If you're willing to drive an hour outside of Downtown Ottawa to Calabogie, the 1.5-kilometre hike is worth your effort. You'll have a lovely panoramic view at the climax of your trek. Plus, there's a lot to do in the area after your hike, including other routes, such as Manitou Mountain.

And if you want to make it an overnight trip, there are several beautiful resorts scattered around Calabogie Lake.

Now that you know where to soak in the autumn colours, you need a great way to get there. Jim Tubman Chevrolet offers a fantastic selection of used and new vehicles that can help you get to your next destination. You'll be cozy inside your car wherever you go this autumn. Visit our dealership to check out and test-drive vehicles that will help you get through fall, winter, and beyond.


Image by Federica Galli is licensed with Unsplash License

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2022 Chevrolet Tahoe Interior Features


An all-time favorite and one of the brand's bestsellers, the latest edition of the Chevrolet Tahoe is quite the SUV. We're familiar with its imposing exterior, versatility, and passenger accommodations, but the interior of this year's edition really surprised us. For 2022, Chevrolet decided to tweak the SUV's interior and make it more roomy, comfortable, and alluring. Here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we want you to know all about the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe interior features, so you can decide whether it's a good fit for you.


Comfort and Seating Capacity

2022-chevrolet-tahoe-seating-ottawa-on (1)The 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe is officially the largest in the lineup and is more spacious than its rivals. If you own or have ridden in a Chevrolet Tahoe, you may already know that the SUV's third row was a bit confined. But this year's edition features ten more inches in that row, giving third-row passengers as much legroom as those in the first and second rows. This full-size SUV can now seat seven to nine adults comfortably.

What's more, Chevrolet has made it possible to slide the second-row seats, so when you're passing by a picturesque zone in the Ottawa, Ontario, area, your passengers can have more flexibility. This year's Tahoe has also made accessing the third row easier now that passengers can use the grab handles. Although the exact dimensions for the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe depend on the trim level you choose, you can still expect it to have a roomy and comfortable cabin perfect for you and the rest of your passengers.

In short, with the newest Chevrolet Tahoe, you don't need to worry about space because it's all about making you and your passengers feel comfortable during short and long-distance rides. So much so that even the tallest adults can climb in, sit, and enjoy a long-distance trip without problems. Some trim levels come with an impressive panoramic sunroof you can enjoy without affecting your headroom. All 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe trim levels feature an eight-way adjustable passenger's seat, a ten-way adjustable driver's seat, cloth upholstery, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Depending on the trim level, some features include a ten-way power-adjustable passenger seat, 12-way adjustable and ventilated front-row seats, leather upholstery, heated second-row seats, driver's seat memory settings, a heated and power tilt-telescoping steering wheel, and heated front-row seats.

If you need a child-friendly SUV and you're thinking of installing child safety assets, this version of the Chevrolet Tahoe comes with a full set of LATCH connectors for the second-row seats and tether anchors for the third-row seats.

Cargo Capacity

2022-chevrolet-tahoe-cargo-ottawa-onThe 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe is the largest and most spacious SUV in its class — there's no competitor to match its impressive cargo capacity. With the power-folding third-row seats up, you get 25.5 cubic feet of space. But if you fold them down, which we recommend, you end up with 72.6 cubic feet, giving you a much larger cargo space that can easily fit around six carry-on suitcases. If you need more space, the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe stands at 122.9 cubic feet of cargo space with all the rear seats folded, making it the most practical full-size SUV on the market.

The SUV has many other useful features, such as the hands-free power liftgate. And if you ever need to transport a heavy trailer, the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe has an impressive 5.3-liter V-8 engine, giving it a towing capacity of up to 8,400 pounds.

Infotainment and Connectivity

2022-chevrolet-tahoe-tech-ottawa-onThe 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe's infotainment and connectivity system is as impressive as the rest of the SUV. All models have a wide variety of standard features, including a 10-inch media touch screen, a six-speaker Bluetooth stereo, a Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite radio, HD radio, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The 2022 Tahoe also has optional infotainment and connectivity features, including wireless device charging, navigation, a second-row entertainment system, a nine-speaker Bose stereo, a ten-speaker Bose surround-sound stereo, and a universal garage door opener.

Don't worry if you don't see yourself as tech-savvy because anyone can use the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe's touch screen infotainment system. It has an easy, user-friendly interface that is conveniently located for the driver's comfort and has a lot of physical control knobs to guide you.

It's worth mentioning that higher trim levels boast an even better infotainment system, with available Google Voice Assistant and Google Maps, and the media touch screen has crisper and richer graphics.

Essentially, all these infotainment and connectivity features make it possible for your passengers to enjoy a good movie or TV show while on a road trip. Thanks to the Wi-Fi hotspot, they can now play any media directly from their smartphones.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

During crash tests, the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe received four out of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The SUV comes with advanced driver-assistance technology and new safety features. Please keep in mind that only a few of these features are standard, so if you want access to all of them, you'll need to purchase optional packages, such as the Driver Alert package.

Check your model's available safety and driver-assistance features before purchasing a package, as higher trim levels come standard with many package-only features. Some features available in all trim levels include seven airbags, front and rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping assist, cross traffic alert, teen driver technology, automated emergency braking, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning.

The 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe is a great option if you want a spacious SUV with the latest technology and gadgets. Here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we're committed to helping you find your dream vehicle. Whether it's the 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe or any other Chevrolet vehicle, we're here to help you. If you'd like more assistance, please get in touch, and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible. Or if you've already fallen in love with the 2022 Tahoe and you're in the Ottawa, Ontario, area, book a test drive with us.

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6 Things To Do With The Family This Fall in Ottawa, ON

There's nothing quite like autumn in Ottawa. The beautiful natural landscape changes in a breathtaking way as the leaves take on vibrant hues of scarlet and gold, and a crisp fall breeze blows through the city. The best way to experience Ottawa in the fall months is with one of the city's outdoor tours and attractions. Consider these top picks for taking in the beauty of the season.


View Fall Rhapsody in Confederation Park

Confederation Park covers 2.63 hectares, offering ample space for visitors to unwind and explore. In the colourful autumn period known as Fall Rhapsody, the park offers stunning views from nearly any vantage point. As you explore the landscape, you'll find several historic monuments and artistic sculptures, including the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument, South African War Memorial, and memorial fountain.

If you need a bite to eat, the NCC Bistro at Confederation Park is a convenient choice, located near the Rideau Canal. The bistro serves an all-day menu with sandwiches, salads, pastries, baked goods, and ice cream. You can even purchase beer, wine, and hot beverages.

If you'd like to stretch your legs beyond the bounds of Confederation Park, you'll enjoy easy access to Confederation Boulevard from here. You'll stroll tree-lined walkways along the boulevard and pass notable sites like Parliament, Rideau Hall, the Supreme Court of Canada, Sussex Courtyards, and more.

Location: Elgin Street, Ottawa.

Pick Apples at Cannamore Orchard

Cannamore Orchard offers autumn apple picking that's sure to deliver a delightful sense of fall. Strolling the orchard is a great option for families who aren't equipped for one of the area's more strenuous hikes. You can pick your own apples from mid-August into October or until the trees are bare. You can also pick pumpkins from mid-September through October. If you prefer pre-picked pumpkins, the orchard offers an abundance of these as well, with all shapes and sizes in residence.

The orchard hosts Family Activity Weekends from Labour Day weekend through Thanksgiving in early October. During this event, you'll find various attractions, including covered wagon rides, cow train rides, pedal cars, hedge mazes, and more. Don't forget to visit the Country Store for honey, maple syrup, jams, jellies, apple butter, cider, pies, candy apples, and homemade fudge.

Location: 1480 County Road 32, Crysler.

Take a Bike Tour

Escape Tours & Rentals offers guided bike tours of Ottawa that deliver a well-rounded look at the city in one of its most beautiful seasons. You'll enjoy all the sights on these guided rides as you take in the fresh air, crisp weather, and colourful foliage. Tours include:

  • Ottawa Express: Cover 12 kilometres over two hours as you bike through neighbourhoods and parks, cycle along the Rideau Canal, and visit Parliament Hill, Rideau Hall, and Rideau Falls.
  • Ottawa Highlights: This 3.5-hour bike tour covers 20 to 24 kilometres and takes you along Rideau Canal with visits to the Glebe neighbourhood, Little Italy, Dow's Lake, Dominion Arboretum, the War Museum, and Lansdowne Park.
  • Best of Ottawa Neighbourhoods & Nature: Bike 22 kilometres in three hours on this tour of Ottawa's trendiest neighbourhoods and most stunning public art.

These tours primarily stay along flat, easy bike paths, making them accessible to riders at nearly any skill level. If you enjoy rolling along the streets on two wheels, this offers an unforgettable way to take in the city and see all that autumn in Ottawa has to offer.

Location: 79a Sparks St., Ottawa.

Experience Ottawa by Helicopter

There's no better way to take in the vast expanse of fall foliage in Ottawa than by helicopter. Soar into the sky and see the stunning beauty of the area by air with Heli-Tremblant tours. These flights can accommodate up to three people, offering panoramic views from all sides of the helicopter.

The tours begin at just 10 minutes. This covers 30 kilometres and offers views of downtown Ottawa, Parliament Hill, and Rideau Hall. Extend the tour to 20 minutes, and you'll see Meech Lake, the Champlain Lookout, and the entrance to Gatineau Hills. The 30-minute tour continues over Gatineau Provincial Park.

You can also add an optional trip to the baths of the KONEA spa in Gatineau with a 10- or 20-minute ride. This provides a soothing way to fill out your autumn day.

Location: Canada Space Aviation Museum, 11 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa.

Explore the Haunted Side of the City

Ottawa's long history naturally lends itself to an abundance of ghost stories. There's no better time for a chilling city tour than in autumn as Halloween approaches. The Haunted Walk offers three Ottawa tours to choose from:

  • Original Haunted Walk of Ottawa: Explore the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Bytown Museum, and a haunted high school on this 75-minute tour.
  • Haunted Ottawa Jail Tour: Explore the historic jail, including the cell blocks, death row, and Canada's last working gallows. This tour lasts 75 minutes and is best suited to participants aged 10 and over.
  • Ghosts of Upper Canada Village Walking Tour: Explore the chilling Upper Canada Village, which takes you back to pioneer days. In the darkened atmosphere, you may just see history come back to life. The tour lasts for 75 minutes.

Location: 46 1/2 Sparks St., Ottawa.

Visit Saunders Farm

Frightfest at Saunders Farm begins on Sept. 24, 2022. This annual event is considered the top haunted attraction in Canada. You'll find multiple attractions to experience as well as all the terror of street theatre. Craft beer, Saunders Cider, and other beverages are available during the event. If you need a bite, you can find burgers, poutine, fresh-cut fries, and other snacks.

Saunders Farm also offers other fall activities for the family. During the day, you can enjoy pumpkins, hay rides, jumping pillows, hedge mazes, puppet shows, and a parade. The Farm Shop offers ample delights, including fudge, pie, jams, preserves, sparkling cider, and more.

Location: 7893 Bleeks Road, Munster.

Did we include your favourite fall activities on our list? Contact our team at Jim Tubman Chevrolet and let us know so we can update our list with all the best suggestions!


Image by Haydn Blackey is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0

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6 Best Places to See the Sun Set in Ottawa, ON


6 Best Places to See the Sun Set in Ottawa, ON

Ottawa is known for its stunning sunsets that turn the sky vivid hues of pink, purple, and orange as evening falls. The area's high clouds reflect the rays more brilliantly than foggier areas, such as those along the coast. The gentle slope of the Ottawa Valley makes it possible to see the natural skyline without any obstructive city views. Further, Ottawa has just the right level of air contamination to produce what some call "Goldilocks" conditions, making the sunset especially brilliant. Check it out for yourself at one of these beautiful spots.


Ottawa Locks

The Ottawa Locks provide a majestic sight at any time of day. This series of eight locks connect the Rideau Canal to the Ottawa River, nearly 24.4 metres below. Standing above the locks, you can see the Fairmont Château Laurier hotel on the right and Parliament Hill to the left, with the Gatineau Hills creating a charming backdrop behind the entire scene. The red Parks Canada chairs along the locks offer some of the best seating in the area for watching the sunset.

If you'd like to enjoy dinner with your view, consider dining at La Terrasse , which looks out over the locks and river. This restaurant is an ideal choice for date night thanks to its extensive menu of decadent shareables. Split a charcuterie board, cheese board, or warm milk bread with house-churned butter. If you're in the mood for a larger plate, you can order gourmet meals, such as crab mafaldine, chorizo and almond-crusted cod, and steak frites.

Location: 3 Canal Lane, Ottawa

Dow's Lake

Dow's Lake sits in Commissioners Park along the Rideau Canal and offers picturesque views of the Dominion Arboretum and surrounding landscape. The park hosts the annual Canadian Tulip Festival each May, adding to the stunning scenery. In winter, the man-made lake freezes over, giving you the chance to behold a sparkling seasonal delight beneath the setting sun.

You can view the sunset from one of the red chairs along the bike path. Or, if you're in the mood for more of an outing, you can rent a canoe or kayak and paddle down the Rideau Canal, taking in the sunset views from the water.

If sunset coincides with dinnertime, you can watch the sun go down while dining at one of the restaurants in the Dow's Lake Pavilion. Lago caters to special events, such as weddings and private parties. The Umbrella Bar serves casual bites, such as burgers, chicken wings, tacos, and nachos. Mexi's serves California-style Mexican food, such as tacos, burritos, fajitas, and nachos.

Location: 1001 Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Ottawa

Summer Pavilion

The Summer Pavilion sits behind the Centre Block on the west side of Parliament Hill. The pavilion is a replica of the original building that was constructed in 1877. From here, you can watch the sun set over the Ottawa River and city skyline as it casts a breathtaking golden glow over the picturesque scene. Bring along a picnic blanket and a light snack for an unforgettable experience watching the Ottawa sunset.

The Summer Pavilion is conveniently located just steps from the Ottawa River Pathway, which leads to the Ottawa Locks. This makes for a great stroll before or after sunset to tie together your lovely evening. Projects along this stretch of the Ottawa River Pathway will take place through fall 2023, and the trail is closed while these improvements take place.

Location: 111 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Bate Island

You'll find Bate Island on the Ottawa River, bisected by the Champlain Bridge. This Ottawa gem has water on all sides, making it the perfect place to go kayaking or fishing. Ample picnic tables make this a popular place to dine al fresco on a spread from home. Keep in mind, however, that Canadian geese are abundant on the island, so be cautious if you have small children.

Bate Island also offers several trails for a pleasant hike , complete with historical markers and interpretive signage to help you fully enjoy all this destination has to offer. You can easily spend a few hours exploring Bate Island, so plan accordingly to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings before sunset.

Location: Off Champlain Bridge, Ottawa

Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market

On the 16th floor of the Andaz Ottawa Hotel, you'll find Copper Spirits & Sights , a sophisticated cocktail lounge with some of the best sunset views in the city. With the tallest rooftop patio in the city, you'll find no better vantage point for watching the sky change color over the copper-topped buildings in the surrounding cityscape. If you can't find a spot on the patio, or the weather is too chilly for a drink outside, you can take in the sunset from the glass-enclosed indoor lounge.

Location: 325 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa

Hog's Back Park and Falls

Hog's Back Park offers a charming natural retreat in the heart of the city. The park is open from May through December, making it a great choice for summer fun in Ottawa . You'll find a 0.8-mile loop that's ideal for bird watching, fishing, and even cross-country skiing. It takes about 20 minutes to traverse, so you can easily make the stroll after sunset and before dark.

The waterfall at Hog's Back Park provides a stunning setting for watching the sunset. The rushing water offers a powerful soundtrack for the sight of the vibrant sky as the sun dips. Though you'll have your back to the falls during the sunset, make time to turn around and enjoy the opposite view in this picturesque spot.

Location: 600 Hogs Back Road, Ottawa

Do you know of another great place to watch the sunset in Ottawa? Get in touch with the team at Jim Tubman Chevrolet and let us know. We love having all the best recommendations to give our customers so they know where to take their new vehicle for an impromptu adventure as they head off the lot.


The Locks by Matt Wiebe is licensed with CC BY 2.0

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5 Best Cars for Winter in Canada

There are many reasons to love winter in Canada, but driving on icy or snow-packed roads may not be one of them. When you need to dig out your car and make it to work after a massive snowstorm, you'll want to have a vehicle you can trust to get the job done. Whether you prefer to drive an all-wheel-drive sedan or a powerhouse pickup truck, there's a winter-friendly vehicle to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Here are five of the best cars you can drive during the winter in Canada.


Chevrolet Silverado

2022-chevrolet-silverado-ottawa-onIt's no secret that pickup trucks typically outperform smaller vehicles in severe winter weather. Chevrolet's flagship truck, the Silverado, can get you where you need to go, even during a severe snowstorm. This powerful truck offers a range of engine options, including a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine designed for optimal performance and maximum efficiency. This engine produces 460 lb-ft of torque and can tow up to 13,300 pounds. With the Silverado's impressive towing capabilities, you can even hook up a snowplow to clear your street after a brutal snowstorm. Choose a Silverado with four-wheel drive for enhanced traction on slippery roads.

The Chevrolet Silverado also comes loaded with advanced safety and driver assistance features to keep you safe on winter roads. New models come standard with Chevy Safety Assist, which includes features such as forward collision alert, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, and automatic high-beam headlights. These features can help improve your visibility and prevent potential collisions while driving in poor conditions.

Subaru Outback

With standard all-wheel drive, the Subaru Outback is a winter-ready SUV. Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system provides optimized traction in snow or rain by evaluating real-time data to deliver power continuously to all four wheels. When one wheel slips, the system automatically transfers power to the wheels with the best grip on the road. Newer Outback models also come standard with 8.7 inches of ground clearance to help you drive in deep snow. You can get most trims with additional features to keep you comfortable in colder weather, including heated front seats and dual-zone climate control.

The Subaru Outback comes equipped with standard safety features to help you drive on winter roads. These features include automatic high-beam assist, lane departure and sway warning, automatic emergency steering, and pre-collision braking. Depending on the Outback you choose, optional safety features may be available, such as blind-spot detection with lane change assist.

Toyota Camry

If you prefer the handling and efficiency of a sedan, get one that can handle winter conditions. The Toyota Camry is a good bet if you choose a model with available all-wheel drive. When the system senses the front wheels slipping, it sends torque to the rear wheels, which helps the car maintain its grip in rain or snow. Newer versions of the Camry offer two impressive engine options, or you can choose a hybrid version with a four-cylinder engine and electric motor, which produce a combined 208 net horsepower.

Other helpful winter features in the Toyota Camry include LED headlights and dual-zone climate control. Some models may come with an available cold weather package, which includes heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated power outside mirrors with blind-spot warning indicators. Newer models come standard with advanced safety features, including a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist, road sign assist, dynamic radar cruise control, and automatic high beams. These features can help you feel confident when driving on wintry roads.

Chevrolet Tahoe

2022-chevrolet-tahoe-ottawa-onFor a full-size SUV that can handle snowy roads, choose a Chevrolet Tahoe. New models come with available four-wheel drive to increase the SUV's grip on slippery or uneven roads. The SUV also has several engine options, delivering up to 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. The Chevy Tahoe has impressive ground clearance, and on some models, an air ride adaptive suspension can even adjust the SUV's height to increase clearance depending on the road conditions.

The Chevy Tahoe also comes with other features that make it a bit more bearable when you have to leave the house on a chilly winter day. New models come standard with tri-zone automatic climate control and remote start, so you can warm up the car before your trip. Rain-sensing wipers help keep your visibility clear, while LED headlights provide enhanced clarity during difficult conditions. Safety features in the new Chevrolet Tahoe include forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, following distance indicator, and automatic high-beam assist.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep has a well-deserved reputation for making cars to withstand tough conditions, and the Grand Cherokee is no exception. The Grand Cherokee comes standard with an off-road capable four-wheel-drive system, providing maximum traction in any weather condition. On newer models, an available traction management system allows you to choose from different modes based on road conditions, including snow. Dual-zone climate control comes standard in newer Grand Cherokee models, and most trims offer heated front seats to keep you warm and comfortable on days when the outside temperatures dip below zero.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes loaded with safety and convenience features to protect you on snow-packed roads. Driver assistance features include forward collision warning with active braking, active lane management, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-path detection, and high-beam assist. Optional safety features that can help you navigate difficult roads include a surround-view camera and night vision with infrared sensors.

Winter is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to purchase a winter-friendly vehicle to get you through the season. Whether you are looking for a Chevrolet Silverado or Tahoe, or one of our used vehicles, at Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we offer a wide selection of new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs, including many models with all-wheel or four-wheel drive. Browse our online inventory or stop by our dealership for a test drive. If you're not ready for a new car, our service centre can help get your current vehicle ready for a Canadian winter. Give us a call or contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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2022 Chevy Silverado vs. 2022 Ford F-150

The competition between Ford and Chevy has been the most prolonged in the auto world. The brands' full-size pickups battle for the annual sales crown. But which of the two should you buy? This 2022 Ford F-150 vs. Chevy Silverado 1500 comparison will give you the answer you seek. Each pickup truck has several configurations ranging from a luxurious family hauler to a no-frills work truck. Once you have identified what feature matters most, you will be ready to choose from one of the two trucks.



The Ford F-150 comes in seven trims of varying body styles and lengths. The MSRP price for the no-frills base model XL starts at $29,640, the XLT starts at $35,750, while the more upscale Lariat trim starts at $45,760. The luxury trims are a bit pricey, with King Ranch starting at $56,230, Platinum at $59,010, and Limited at $73,455.

The 2022 Chevy Silverado comes in an option of Work Truck, Custom, LT, Trail Boss, RST, LTZ, and High Country. The Work Truck (WT) is the base model, and MSRP starts at $31,500. The more luxurious LT starts at $42,600 with RWD or $44,700 with 4WD. At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we prefer the LT trim with a fancier interior and the customizable option to include a crew cab with a standard length for maximum passenger and cargo space.

Engine and Transmission

The 2022 F-150 has several engine options: a 3.0-liter diesel V-6 with 250-hp; a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 with 400-hp; a twin turbo-charged 2.7-liter V-6 with 325-hp; a 5.0-liter V-8 with 400-hp; and a 3.3-liter with 290-hp. All these engines are paired with a 10-speed auto transmission. A hybrid powertrain is also available, which consists of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 and 400 horsepower and 10-speed auto transmission.

The Chevy Silverado is available in a turbocharged four-cylinder, a Duramax 3.0-liter inline-six, and two V-8s. Each trim has agile handling, and the brake pedals provide a firm and reassuring grip. If you are looking for a more rugged Silverado, the Trail Boss would be a good choice. It has a 2.0-inch lift and gnarly wheels that make off-roading more accessible and fun.

Fuel Economy and MPG

The Silverado is not fuel efficient, but some of its powertrain options are more efficient than others. The diesel engine, which comes as an option, is the most economical, with up to 23 mpg and 33 mpg for city and highway, respectively. With the AWD, the highway ratings drop to 26 mpg city. The gas-fueled turbo-four AWD is rated at 20 mpg and 22mpg for city and highway, respectively. The 5.3-liter V-8 AWD powertrain is rated at 16 mpg and 22 mpg for city and highway, respectively.

As for the Ford F-150, EPA estimates the turbocharged 2.7-liter V-6 to have 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. The twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 is rated at 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. The hybrid trim estimates 25 mpg and 26 mpg on city and highway, respectively.

Towing and Payload Capacity

The F-150's base 3.3-liter V-6 engine has a maximum towing capacity of about 8,200 pounds. Trims with the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 can tow up to 14,000 pounds. If you opt for the 5.0-liter V-8, the maximum towing capacity will be 13,000 pounds. The diesel V-6 can tow up to 12,100 and the hybrid up to 12,700 pounds. The F-15 has a payload capacity that averages between 1,840 and 3,250 pounds.

The Chevy Silverado has a maximum towing capacity of 13,300 pounds. The top towing rate is available with the 6.2-liter V-8 and the diesel engines. The 5.3-liter engine can haul as much as 11,500 pounds, while models with the turbocharged four-cylinder can haul up to 9,500 pounds. The Silverado has a payload ranging between 1,870 and 2,280 pounds.

Interior and Cargo Space

The interior of the F-150 nearly matches the Ram 1500's cabin, especially in the higher-end Limited, Platinum, and King Ranch models. The cabin is covered in quality materials, and there is plenty of storage cubes. Additional convenience features, including a folding gearshift, 14 power outlets, and speakers in the headrests, are included to make things easier for those that use the F-150 as a mobile workspace. Passenger space is sufficient, with the four-door crew cab having the largest space and being more family-friendly. The Ford also has an optional onboard generator that provides up to 7.2 kW of power.

The base models of the Silverado offer only the essentials, including manually adjustable front seats, vinyl seats, manual locks, and windows. The luxury trims starting from the LT trim have a significantly better cabin, thanks to an improved dashboard design with 12.8-inch digital gauge clusters and a large center touch screen. The crew cab can feature an enormous rear seat with ample headroom. The Silverado is a practical vehicle with large storage cubes spread throughout the cabin.

Connectivity and Infotainment

Ford includes an 8.0-inch infotainment display as standard on all models, but there is a 12.0-inch unit that comes as an option. Wi-Fi hotspots, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are also standard. SiriusXM radio, navigation, and Bang & Olufsen stereo systems are optional. Ford's Sync 4's new software offers weather and traffic updates through the optional navigation system, over-the-air updates for future software releases, and onboard telematics to help in keeping track of the vehicle use and location for fleet customers.

Chevy equips every Silverado with a touch screen infotainment system that supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and mobile hotspot. The physical buttons and knobs make operating the system hassle-free, and the screen responds promptly to touch. The upper trims from LT have enhanced features, including Google-powered voice assistant, wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa integration.

Ford and Chevy offer a series of trucks that compete favorably against each other. Chevy Silverado provides its customers an advantage with its large display screen, ample storage space, advanced tech features like the Google-powered voice assist, and wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the other hand, Ford boasts an enormous towing capacity, fuel economy, and a reasonable price value.

If you are looking for a truck for work or family use, you can trust us at Jim Tubman Chevrolet to offer you the best deal. Our inventory of used and new vehicles has some of the best offers you can find in the market. Visit us or call us today and get to drive your favorite truck.


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Best Scenic Drives Near Ottawa, ON


Ottawa, Ontario, is Canada's capital and is set amidst beautiful landscapes of forested hills, picturesque rivers, and other unique natural features. Ottawa's residents are lucky to live with such easy access to the outdoors wherever they go. You'll find nearby parks only minutes from downtown and scenic river views along the Ottawa River that divides Ottawa and Ontario on the southern side from the town of Gatineau in Quebec on the north. If you want to take off and enjoy the beautiful surroundings this weekend, check out one of these eight scenic parkways.

Champlain Parkway

Champlain Parkway is a 15-kilometre route that branches off the Gatineau Parkway in the stunning Gatineau Park, which starts just across the river from Ottawa. You'll encounter several trailheads, picnic areas, and scenic overlooks along the parkway. The Champlain Lookout offers sweeping views over the Eardley Escarpment where the Canadian Shield and St Lawrence Lowlands meet. Along with views of the Ottawa River, the Étienne Brûlé Lookout provides access to hiking trails and a picnic area, making it a great spot to stop and stretch your legs. The Huron Lookout offers views stretching all the way to western Ottawa.

Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway

The Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway was originally named Rockcliffe Parkway, but this was changed in 2015. It was built in 1900 and runs for just over 19 kilometres east along the Ottawa River corridor. With sweeping river views, this is a magnificent drive that takes you past the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the quaint, historic village of Rockcliffe. Then, it turns away from the river and wanders through scenic fields. Plans to renovate the riverfront portion of the parkway and adjacent trails and parklands are in the works. However, they are still some time away from breaking ground.

Sir John A Macdonald Parkway

The Sir John A Macdonald Parkway is a four-lane scenic parkway that follows the Ottawa River west out of the city. The parkway starts near downtown next to the LeBreton Flats Park at the riverfront and ends near Britannia Park and Beach, with several scenic stops along the way. A lookout gives views of the Deschênes Rapids and the Aylmer Hydro ruins across the river on the Quebec side. The Kitchissippi Lookout looks over Westboro Beach with sweeping views of the river. It is an excellent place to catch the sunset or stop for a meal at Westboro Beach Cafe.

Gatineau Parkway

The Gatineau Parkway takes you on a scenic journey within Gatineau Park. The park lies across the river from Ottawa and is the second most visited park in the country. This area offers rich biodiversity, and at over 361 square kilometres, it is the largest park in the region. If you enter the park by taking Promenade de Gatineau off of Boulevard Alexandre-Taché, you'll soon be on the parkway. Along the drive, you'll come to the Gateau Park Welcome Area and Penguin Picnic Area. Pink Lake Lookout offers views over Pink Lake while a hiking trail takes you around.

The Rideau Canal

The Colonel By Drive follows along a section of the Rideau Canal on its eastern side, and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway follows along on the west. Built in the 1800s, the Rideau Canal is a national historic waterway. The Queen Elizabeth Driveway was built in 1905 and runs from Confederation Park to Commissioner Park by Dows Lake, following the course of the canal. And the Colonel By Drive was completed in the 1960s and is 11.59 kilometres long. It passes by the University of Ottawa and ends near Hog's Back Park, where the canal meets the Rideau River.

Island Park Drive

Island Park Drive is a short scenic drive that takes you across the Ottawa River. From the north, you first cross over the Champlain Bridge before driving over several small, wooded islands on its way. The drive was built in the 1920s and continues to be an important route that passes by governmental embassies and prestigious residences. At the end of the drive, you'll come to the Central Experimental Farm, which is a National Historic Site and a popular tourist attraction in Ottawa's west end. This working farm and agricultural research facility also features an arboretum and ornamental gardens.

Philippe Lake Parkway

Gatineau Park is unusual in that it has several entrances into the park. One of these is the Philippe Lake Parkway which takes you 6.5 kilometres into the park to Philippe Lake and is the only access road to this area of the park with its gorgeous lakeshore beaches. The lake offers three sandy beaches where swimming is permitted. Parent Beach offers a playground for kids and also has a boat launch and rentals for non-motorized boats, making it a great place to stop and enjoy some beachside activities on a warm summer day.

1000 Islands Parkway

Travel south of Ottawa to the St Lawrence River that divides Canada from the USA, and you'll discover the spectacular beauty of the 1000 Islands Parkway. This drive takes you along the river, where you'll find many quaint towns, picturesque islands, cozy bays, and river activities, including scuba diving and boat tours. Or stop at campsites and picnic areas to take in the river views. The 1000 Islands Parkway is accessible off the Macdonald Cartier Freeway and runs from Butternut Bay to Gananoque, where it rejoins the main freeway.

Ottawa and the surrounding area is a beautiful place with lots to explore. From green parks with lakes and hiking trails to historic structures and fun riverfront activities, there is so much to do to enjoy some summertime fun. If you're in the mood for a scenic drive, then we hope you take inspiration from this list and check out some of the places we've recommended. Have we missed your favourite scenic parkway? Contact us at Jim Tubman Chevrolet and let us know which drive around Ottawa you think is the most beautiful.

Rideau Canal by David Stanley is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0

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How To Connect To Bluetooth on Chevy

Most vehicles these days come with Bluetooth capabilities. To make use of this technology, you first need to connect your vehicle to your mobile device. If you have a Chevrolet vehicle, it's easy to connect your Chevy to your Bluetooth device. Once you do, you can start taking advantage of all the benefits this provides.
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Top 5 Summer Activities in Ottawa, ON

From exciting outdoor escapades to delicious culinary adventures, your summer in Ottawa, Ontario, is going to be anything but boring. Here are the top five activities you have to try in the city this year. Add these cool pursuits to your bucket list and discover them all before the season ends.


Make a Splash at Calypso Waterpark

Beat the heat this summer at Canada's biggest aquatic attraction. Calypso Waterpark is home to the largest wave pool in the country, and you'll find this awesome activity just 20 minutes east of Ottawa. If you have young children in the family, even better. This park caters to thrill seekers — and it's kid-friendly, too.

Start with the Summit Tower. It touts 10 different slides, all within one fantastic structure. Float down the Kongo Expedition and discover a mystery at the end of this lazy river feature. With a total of 35 slides, 100 water games, and play areas for the youngsters, you can plan to while away the whole day at Calypso Waterpark. Thanks to its nine restaurants, you don't need to pack a lunch either. You can fill up on mouth-watering options from healthy food and bistro fare to fast food and candy.

  • Location: 2015 Calypso St., Limoges.
  • Hours: July 1 through August 14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and August 15 to September 5 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Paddle Around Dows Lake

Escape to Dows Lake for a daycation full of fun in the sun. Start this summer adventure off right at the Dow Lake Marina. You'll find it along the Rideau Canal system, and it's the best place to rent a watercraft for the day. Try out a variety of options, such as pedal boats, stand-up paddleboards, canoes, and both one- and two-person kayaks.

Paddling your way around Dows Lake is a terrific way to take in the sights and sounds around you. All the equipment, including paddles and lifejackets, are part of the rental rate, and boats are available to hire between May and early October.

If kayaking isn't your thing, stop by the Dows Lake Pavilion. This favorite local destination offers another way to enjoy the summer lakeside. There's plenty of parking for your new Chevrolet, and it provides easy access to all the options for recreational activities along the shore. Then, relax and enjoy a bite to eat at Lago, Mexie's, or the Umbrella Bar.

  • Location: 1001 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa.
  • Summer season: Mid-June through Labour Day weekend.
  • Hours:  9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Chill Out at Moo Shu Ice Cream

We think one of the best summer activities in Ottawa is devouring a frozen treat from Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen. This modern parlour sells small batches of ice cream made with only the best local cream. Have a scoop or two in a scratch-made cone. Its creative menu features unique Asian flavours inspired by the owner's Hong Kong origin, such as:

  • Hong Kong Milk Tea.
  • White Rabbit.
  • Lime Leaf and Fresh Mint.
  • Ginger and Groundcherry.
  • Calico Chocolate.
  • Blueberry Amaretto.
  • Lemon Elderflower and Blackberry.

You can even order vegan options at Moo Shu, including chocolate, dalgona coffee, mango and pineapple, and strawberry shortcake. If you need a bit more, you can also find a rotating menu of snacks here. Save some time and order your favorite pre-packaged flavors online.

  • Location: 477 Bank St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and noon to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Take a Dip at the Petrie Island Beaches

Ditch the city and enjoy Ottawa's beautiful scenery with a voyage to Petrie Island. It's just 25 minutes from the city, and day parking is quite affordable at just $2 for five hours. This stunning destination's three sandy beaches are the perfect place to spend the summer.

These 12,000-year-old islands span a length of 2 kilometres, and there's plenty to do here. Take advantage of the surrounding nature trails, and go for a hike or relax on the sand. North Beach and River Beach are large public spots on the island's northeast corner, while East Bay Beach faces downriver.

Launch your rented stand-up paddleboard and go exploring, or get a group together and play a volleyball game. Remember to pack a lunch. There's a terrific, well-maintained picnic area that offers a bit of shade and a supervised beach for the kids. The City of Ottawa monitors water quality daily, so you can feel confident swimming at the park. We recommend you stay late and catch a stunning sunset.

  • Location: 727 Trim Road, Orléans.
  • Season: Between Victoria Day weekend and the third week of August.
  • Lifeguard hours: Noon to 7 p.m. daily.

Go Skating at the Jim Tubman Rink

Did you know that Jim Tubman founded more than an outstanding Chevrolet dealership? The Jim Tubman Rink is the result of a partnership with the City of Ottawa and the Canterbury Community Association. These organizations established this outdoor rink in 2017 in the Canterbury Recreation complex's Alta Vista neighbourhood.

This rink is a unique facility with authentic hockey boards. While it's true artificial ice covers the surface during the winter months, the Jim Tubman Rink is also open for summer drop-in programs and seasonal community events. The open space is completely covered, so residents can enjoy the rink in rain or shine. Its schedule of great summer activities for the child, youth, and adult age groups includes:

  • Roller hockey.
  • Basketball.
  • Ball hockey.
  • Rollerblading.

Unsupervised public skating is a leisurely session for all ages and abilities. However, skaters under 11 must wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet. Staff also allow wheelchairs and strollers on the rink. Parking is always free at the rink, too.

  • Location: 2185 Arch St., Ottawa.
  • Hours: Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., depending on the scheduled activities.

Well, there you go. Jim Tubman Chevrolet shared our five favourite ways to spend summer in Ottawa, Ontario. What did you think of the activities we suggested? Did we miss a favourite pursuit of yours — one we'll love? If we did, let us know. Drop us a line so we can share your ideas with other Ontario locals.

Calypso_Bay_Waterpark_2 by PBC Parks and Recreation is licensed with CC BY 2.0

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2022 Silverado Towing Capacity

One of the benefits of owning a pickup truck is that you can tow heavy items, like cars, boats, and trailers, around with you. However, it's important to get a pickup truck that's capable of handling what you need to tow, as some trucks are stronger than others. If you're interested in making the Chevrolet Silverado your next pickup truck, you may be wondering about its towing capacity. Below, we'll highlight some of the available Silverado configurations along with some other great features that make the Silverado a great option to consider.

Types of 2022 Chevrolet Silverados

Chevrolet produces a few different types of Silverado, which are the Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500HD and the 3500HD. There are a lot of similarities between these models but also some key differences, one of which is the towing capacity. Read below to learn more about the towing capacities of the different Chevrolet Silverados:

2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 Towing Capacity

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 comes with a few different engine options, which means there are different towing capabilities depending on what you get. The engines include a turbocharged four-cylinder, a Duramax diesel, and two V-8 options. If you want to get the maximum towing capacity, which is 13,300 lbs, you'll need to get either the diesel engine or the 6.2-litre V-8. The 5.3-litre V-8 models can handle up to 11,500 lbs, while the Silverados that have the turbocharged four-cylinder engines can tow up to 9,500 lbs.

2022 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD Towing Capacity

The Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD have similar capabilities when it comes to towing. This is largely because they have the same powertrain options. Inside the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD or 3500HD, you can either get:

  • A gas-powered 6.6-litre V-8 engine that produces 410 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque.
  • A diesel 6.6-litre V-8 that produces 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque

If you get the gas-powered powertrain, the Silverado is rated up to 17,400 lbs. For the diesel option, you'll be able to tow up to 36,000 lbs. This is clearly an upgrade over the Silverado 1500 models, but you may not need that much towing capacity, depending on what you typically need to tow.

2022 Chevy Silverado Payload Capacities

Similar to towing capacities, the Chevrolet Silverados each have their own payload capacities. The payload capacity is how much weight you can haul in the truck bed. For the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, expect to be able to haul between 1,870 and 2,280 lbs, depending on which powertrain you get. As for the Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD, the maximum you'll be able to tow is 7,442 lbs.

2022 Chevrolet Silverado Interior Features

Of course, towing capacities are just one thing to consider when deciding which truck to buy. You'll also want to consider the interior features, such as entertainment and safety. Here are some key features you should know about for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500:

Comfort and Convenience Features

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 can come with a wide range of features aimed at making things more comfortable for the driver, depending on which trim you select. Some available options include leather upholstery, a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and hands-free driving technology. The front seats are also adjustable in several ways to allow drivers to find the best position, while also providing plenty of space for both driver and passengers alike.

Entertainment Features

At the centre of every Chevrolet Silverado is a touchscreen infotainment system. The size of this screen can vary based on your trim, with more premium models having larger screens. This infotainment system can easily connect to both Apple and Android devices, allowing drivers to stream their favourite music, use their preferred navigation apps, and make hands-free phone calls.

Safety Features

There's a long list of safety features included or available with every version of the Chevrolet Silverado. Some safety features you can get include:

  • Super Cruise — a hands-free driving technology that works while pulling a trailer.
  • Forward collision warning.
  • Automatic emergency braking.
  • Blind-spot monitoring.
  • Rear cross-traffic alert.
  • Lane departure warning.
  • Lane-keeping assist.

You can also upgrade your Chevrolet Silverado with several features that make it easier and safer to tow. For example, there are towing assists that make it easy to line up your truck with a trailer.

How Much Towing Capacity Do You Need?

Which Silverado you ultimately choose will depend on how much towing capacity you need. You don't want to spend extra for towing capacity that you won't use, but at the same time, you want to ensure that you have enough. To help you decide, here are some common trailer weights:

  • Canoe trailer: 300 lbs.
  • Motorcycle trailer: 600 lbs.
  • Fishing boat trailer: 800 lbs.
  • Car trailer: 2,000 lbs.
  • Large boat trailer: 3,500 lbs.
  • Large travel trailer: 6,000 lbs.
  • 5th wheel camper: 10,000 lbs.

Keep in mind that these are only the weights of trailers and that you'll need to factor in the weight of whatever you're loading onto the trailer as well. It's best if you can get a close estimate of exactly what you want to tow before buying a Chevrolet Silverado, but the above estimates can help you calculate this.

Get Your Next Chevrolet Silverado at Jim Tubman Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Silverado has a lot to offer. One of its best features is its towing capacities, which are sure to make many owners happy. If you need a truck that's reliable when it comes to towing and hauling, you'll likely enjoy one of the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado models.

To learn more about the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado, Jim Tubman Chevrolet of Ottawa is here to help. We can answer any questions you may have, help you pick out a truck that has the right amount of towing capacity, and take you out for a test drive. To get started, please contact us today or check out our latest vehicle specials for additional ways to save. We look forward to helping you find the right pickup truck for your needs.


Lurkin by Drew Lindlsey is licensed with Unsplash License

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Best Places to Hike in Ottawa, ON

Are you looking to get out of the crowded city and explore nature on a walk or hike near Ottawa? There are many exciting trail options within easy driving distances of downtown, giving you the chance to experience the natural beauty of the Ottawa Valley. Our local experts here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet have put together some of the best hiking options in and around Ottawa for you to explore.


Luskville Falls

Located in Gatineau Park, the Luskville Falls trail is a challenging but rewarding climb that will give you the opportunity to experience some breathtaking views of the valley. It involves a steep rocky climb up the Eardley Escarpment to access a fire tower that provides an excellent lookout point. You'll complete an elevation of 290 metres along the trail, which is around 4.2 kilometres long.

The National Capital Commission recommends that you set aside two hours to complete the trail. A picnic area is available along the Luskville Falls route in case you want to stop for a bite to eat. The trail starts at the Luskville Falls parking lot. Note that due to conservation reasons, dogs are not allowed.


Pinhey Forest Trails

In contrast to Luskville Falls, the trails in Pinhey Forest offer the opportunity for an easy walk through a wooded landscape. Located just 15 kilometres outside of Ottawa, Pinhey Forest is also accessible if you're looking for a place to spend an hour or two of free time.

Pinhey Forest features 6.4 kilometres of nature trails. Another exciting reason to visit this location is its sand dune complex, which is the only one in the Ottawa region. Take note of the closed-off areas around certain parts of the sand dunes. These restrictions are in place for conservation purposes due to the unique habitat supported by the dunes.

The trails are open throughout the year, making them an ideal choice for summer walks or skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. Dogs are allowed on many of the trails, as long as you keep them on a leash.


Dewberry Trail

If you don't have much time to spare but still want to enjoy some nature, this could be the trail for you. The Dewberry Trail is located within the city, which makes its forested pathway all the more unique. It's 1 kilometre in length and accessible on Dolman Ridge Road. The trail intersects with Trail 50, which gives you the option of extending your hike if you have more time to spare.

Parking is available at the trailhead, where you'll also find a washroom. Dewberry Trail is a loop, so you can walk in either direction. If you hike it clockwise, you'll cross Trail 50 early on in the hike.

The trail is open throughout the year. However, keep in mind that it's also used as a cross-country ski route in the winter, so you should try to avoid disturbing the tracks that have been set. Dogs are generally allowed, but not during the winter months.


King Mountain

Starting in the King Mountain parking lot in Gatineau Park, you can take a challenging 1.8-kilometre hike to the top of Eardley Escarpment. This peak sits 300 metres above Ottawa Valley, giving you a remarkable view of the surrounding area. The trail to the top includes 10 lookout points along the way for you to enjoy.

This is a forest trail with information panels located throughout the route to tell you about the different types of trees and wildlife found in the local area. Due to conservation reasons, dogs are not permitted on this trail.


Manitou Mountain Trail

If you have some more time to spare, you could consider taking the one-hour drive west of Ottawa to reach Manitou Mountain, which is found just outside the town of Calabogie. The Manitou Mountain Trail takes you to the top of the mountain of the same name, giving you the chance to enjoy views of the surrounding valley. While Manitou isn't the highest peak in the local area, it's still an impressive sight to behold. The highest mountain is Dixon Mountain, which features ski slopes.

Along the trail, you'll find an optional detour known as the “Long Way.” It contains a sharp descent, followed by another steep climb before you return to the main trail. In total, you'll travel approximately 9 kilometres from the parking lot to the peak of Manitou Mountain and back again. The elevation along the trail is 313 metres.


Eagles Nest

The Eagles Nest Trail is located near the Manitou Mountain Trail in the Calabogie region. The hike is a popular route due to the 120-metre-high cliff edge at the end, which provides a stunning view. The trail itself is shorter than the Manitou Mountain route. Another special thing about this trail is that it's located on unceded Algonquin Nation land, and the Eagles Nest is considered a sacred place by local Indigenous peoples.

It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to reach the lookout from the parking lot. The trail is slightly hilly, with some loose rocks and roots along the way. However, it's an easier hike than the Manitou Mountain Trail.

Blue markers will direct you along the trail, which includes several alternative routes. One is along Old Logging Road, while another takes you along Little Pine Path. These two routes require you to return the same way you hiked. An alternative is to hike up Old Logging Road and return via Little Pine Path, or vice versa. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, you'll need to return to your car on foot using a path along the side of the road.


So, there you have it. We've run through some of the most exciting hiking trails worth checking out in and around Ottawa. We hope we've given you some new places to explore. Did we mention one of your favourite trails? Do you have another hiking tip you'd like to share with us? Feel free to contact the team here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet and we'll include your suggested trail in our next activity blog.


Rideau Trail by Gordon Bell licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0

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Chevy 0-60 Times


Are you curious to find out how rapidly your Camaro or Equinox can accelerate off the line? Swift acceleration is a key part of highway driving, and many drivers just enjoy the feel of a fast car. Here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we've taken a look at Chevrolet's diverse lineup of cars, crossovers, and trucks to identify which of these GM vehicles is the fastest from zero to 60 mph.


Chevrolet Camaro


As one of Chevy's most popular sports cars, the Camaro seems like a good place to start. Even the base Camaro can shift from zero to 60 mph in an impressive 5.5 seconds, while the range-topping ZL1 trim does it in an incredible 3.5 seconds.

The Camaro has four engine options available. The base unit is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 270 horsepower. You can step up to a 3.6-litre V-6, which generates 335 horsepower. However, for the most power, you'll want to choose from Chevy's two V-8 options. The first is a 6.2-litre V-8 with 455 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque. Then there's the supercharged 6.2-litre V-8 that churns out 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.


Chevrolet Corvette


The Corvette is the Camaro's more upscale cousin, and it provides the best acceleration numbers in Chevy's lineup. The Corvette Stingray moves from zero to 60 in just 3 seconds and can complete a quarter mile in a little over 11 seconds.

The Corvette's speed is provided by a 6.2-litre V-8 that offers 490 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. As you shoot off the line, you can relax in the Corvette's well-appointed cabin, which features leather and aluminum finishings.


Chevy Blazer


If your vehicle purchasing plans are aimed more at everyday practicality than raw speed, the Chevy Blazer is a good choice. This midsize SUV offers plenty of interior space for a family to travel together. It moves from zero to 60 mph in a steady 8.1 seconds.

You can choose between two engines in the Blazer. The first is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 228 horsepower, which is fine for driving around town and accelerating up to highway speeds. For more acceleration and passing power, the 308-horsepower optional 3.6-litre V-6 is a wise choice.


Chevy Equinox


The more compact Equinox provides seating for five people across two rows. It can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 8.7 seconds.

While you might be surprised to learn that the Equinox is slower off the line than the larger Blazer, keep in mind that the Equinox has a smaller 1.5-litre turbocharged engine. This unit gives the Equinox better fuel economy than the Blazer, but more moderate passing power.


Chevy Malibu


The Malibu is a midsize sedan with a trunk that provides you with over 15 cubic feet of storage. It can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in around 7.8 seconds.

The acceleration offered by this sedan depends to a large degree on the engine you choose. The base 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder is a strong choice for city driving, putting out 160 horsepower. However, you'll probably want the larger 250-horsepower 2.0-litre turbocharged unit to get the most out of this sedan's speed.


Chevy Suburban and Tahoe


The Suburban and Tahoe are the two largest SUVs in Chevy's fleet. They're the ideal choice for drivers who need three rows of seating with an ample cargo storage area at the rear. The Suburban and Tahoe can move from zero to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds and 7.8 seconds, respectively.

The Suburban and Tahoe share the same engine lineup. The base unit is a 5.3-litre V-8 that puts out 355 horsepower. You can step up to either a 6.2-litre V-8 that generates 420 horsepower or a six-cylinder diesel engine with 277 horsepower. The Suburban's acceleration is slightly slower than the Tahoe because it's a larger vehicle, giving you over 41 cubic feet of storage at the rear compared to 25 cubic feet in the Tahoe.


Chevy Trailblazer


The compact Trailblazer is a crossover designed for fuel efficiency and city driving, so its acceleration numbers won't be the primary concern for most buyers. The Trailblazer can achieve zero to 60 mph in 9.4 seconds.

You can choose from two turbocharged engines in the Trailblazer: a 137-horsepower three-cylinder unit or a 155-horsepower option. The larger engine is a good choice if you plan on filling up this Chevy's relatively large cargo area, which can hold over 25 cubic feet of gear.


Chevy Traverse


If you need a third row but don't want an SUV as large as the Suburban or Tahoe, the Chevy Traverse could be a great option. It moves from zero to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds, which is impressive for a vehicle of its size.

The Traverse's solid acceleration is thanks above all to its 3.6-litre V-6 engine, which cranks out 310 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. The standard Traverse has front-wheel drive, but you can add all-wheel drive for improved control and performance when towing.


Chevrolet Colorado


The Colorado is the smaller of Chevy's two truck options. This compact pickup can move from zero to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds.

The Colorado has a base 200-horsepower engine, with two upgrade options available. The first is a 308-horsepower V-6, while the second is a 181-horsepower turbodiesel. In terms of cargo-carrying options, you can choose between a long box measuring 6 feet, 2 inches and a shorter one measuring 5 feet, 2 inches.


Chevy Silverado 1500


The larger Chevy Silverado 1500 is quicker off the line than the Colorado due to a more powerful engine lineup. It can manage zero to 60 mph in a mere 5.5 seconds.

The Silverado 1500 has various engines available, but the strongest two in terms of performance are the 420-horsepower V-8 and the 277-horsepower turbodiesel. You can also choose between three cargo bed lengths and cab styles, giving you the option of building an ideal work truck or a family-friendly pickup.


Now that you know more about how each vehicle in Chevy's lineup accelerates, why not drop by our Ottawa showroom to learn more about our cars, crossovers, and trucks? Our team of Chevy experts will be delighted to arrange a test drive or answer any of your questions. Contact us today at Jim Tubman Chevrolet to learn more.


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Best Sandwiches in Ottawa, ON


Are you looking for some fresh ideas for a bite to eat in Ottawa? There are actually so many choices when it comes to sandwich spots around town that the real question is how to pick out the best from a very long list. Our local experts at Jim Tubman Chevrolet are here to help you with some suggestions for your next lunchtime meal.


Sherwood Market and Deli

You can enjoy a sandwich or salad in this restaurant's comfortable dining facilities or order takeout if you're in a hurry. Each sandwich at Sherwood Market and Deli is served with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and a choice of sauce. You can opt for Sherwood's own special sauce, mayonnaise, or mustard.

If you'd rather try something else, Sherwood's is also a great option for freshly made salads. All of their salads are prepared on the same day. Whether you would prefer a sandwich or a salad, you can place your order online ahead of time, so your food is ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Location: 111 Sherwood Drive, Ottawa

Hours: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday


Art Is In

This gastro-bakery combines the elegance of a Parisian cafe with the edgy vibes you'd find in a Brooklyn deli. With menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you'll find a sandwich here for every time of day.

Art Is In began as a bakery creating its own breads and has branched out into pastries, baguettes, and other dishes. You can preorder your favourite menu items online or drop by to enjoy a sandwich in their dining room.

Art Is In sells its breads and other baked goods at farmers markets across the Ottawa area. You can also purchase their breads at several wholesale outlets.

Location: 250 City Centre Ave., Unit 112, Ottawa

Hours (summer): 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday


Sanguiccio Deli-Cafe

Located in Little Italy, this deli is the perfect stop if you're searching for Italian-style cuisine. You can choose from fresh sausages and other meats, hand-cut breads, cheeses, and much more. The delicious panini come highly recommended.

If you don't have long between meetings to grab something for lunch, you can call ahead to Sanguiccio's to place your order and they'll have it ready for you to collect on your arrival. Don't forget to check out their daily specials, which are posted on their Twitter and Facebook pages each morning.

Location: 183 Preston St., Ottawa

Hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and closed on Sunday


La Bottega Nicastro

The Nicastro family has been serving the Ottawa community with Italian groceries for five decades from its locations. La Bottega was opened in 1995 and includes a restaurant and coffee bar.

Sandwiches at La Bottega are custom-made to your exact specifications. That means you can choose from a range of breads, meats, cheeses, and sauces as your sandwich is made for you before your eyes. Whether you opt for a hot or cold bite to eat, you can enjoy it with an espresso from the bar, or pick from La Bottega's selection of beers and wines.

La Bottega also sells gift cards and gift baskets, which could be a great idea for anyone you know who enjoys Italian food.

Location: 64 George St., Ottawa

Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday



The first Kettleman's bagel shop was opened in 1993, and they have grown over the past three decades into an institution for anyone looking for a traditional bagel. Prepared on-site in Kettleman's “no-wall” bakeries, you can watch the bakers at work creating your breakfast or lunch.

Kettleman's is renowned for its Montreal-style bagels, which include fresh spreads, meats, and cheeses. You can order your chosen delicacy online or drop by one of Kettleman's several Ottawa locations. Kettleman's is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it the ideal destination whenever you feel peckish.

Kettleman's is also a great option to meet your catering needs. Why not place an order of freshly baked bagels for your corporate lunch, birthday celebration, or just a relaxing afternoon with friends? Larger catering orders can be placed through their website for future delivery or pickup.

Location: Various locations around Ottawa

Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week


Frank's on Greenbank

Frank's is a small, family-owned sandwich shop and restaurant that has served Ottawa for over two decades. The Greenbank location has been open since 2010, while a second outlet began operating in May 2020.

Frank's offers a wide range of sandwich choices, from Portuguese buns to raps, wholewheat bread, and onion buns. You can opt for cheddar and other types of cheeses, meats, and salads. On top of this great sandwich lineup, check out Frank's appetizing baked goods, which include their famous butter tarts. You can also find pies, cookies, and scones.

Another offer at Frank's is their popular catering service. You can order a range of tortilla wraps stuffed with meats, cheeses, and salad toppings to cover lunch for your group at a cost of just $9 per person. Alternatively, why not take a more individual approach and let everyone customize their own lunch box at a cost of $15.99 per person? You can include salads and other tasty treats alongside sandwiches with this package.

Locations: 1121 Meadowlands Drive E. and 283 Greenbank Road, Ottawa

Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday (Meadowland location), 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday (Greenbank location)


So, there you have it. Jim Tubman's Chevrolet just gave you some new ideas for breakfast, lunch, or a late-night snack in Ottawa. Did we pick out your favourite spot? Do you have a secret tip you'd like to share with us and our customers? Feel free to contact us here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet with your Ottawa sandwich recommendations and we'll be sure to include them in one of our future blog posts.


Wheat Bread Sandwich by Suzy Hazelwood licensed with Pexels

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Chevy Electric Vehicle Lineup: EVs & EUVs

GM has developed a great lineup of EVs for Chevy shoppers to choose from. With the upcoming release of the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV, Chevy has a car, crossover, and truck in its EV repertoire. Do you want to know more about Chevy's EVs and what it's like to own one in Ottawa? Our GM experts here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet have some answers for you.


Chevy Electric Vehicle Lineup

There are three electric vehicle options available for Chevy shoppers: the Chevy Bolt EV, the Bolt EUV, and the Silverado EV. The Bolt EV is a sedan, while the Bolt EUV, which stands for electric utility vehicle, is a crossover. The Silverado EV is an all-new version of Chevy's classic full-size pickup.

You can check out these EV options at our Ottawa showroom. We'll be happy to arrange for you to take a test drive in a Bolt EV or EUV so you can get a feel for how it performs on the road before you commit to a purchase. Fill out a form to get in contact with us today!


Chevy Bolt EV

The Bolt EV is a five-seater car with plenty of space in both rows for adult passengers. The Bolt is powered by a 65-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor that puts out 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. This power train gives you plenty of acceleration for highway driving, with the Bolt able to move from zero to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds.

At the rear, the Bolt has over 16 cubic feet of cargo space. That's ample room for a large load of groceries or a weekend's worth of luggage. You get cloth seats in the standard setup, but you can upgrade to leather upholstery, along with heated front and rear seats, to create a more luxurious cabin.

The Bolt has a driving range of 259 miles. With a standard 120-volt charger, you can charge the battery at a rate of about 4 miles per hour. This won't be a viable option for most drivers, since it would take several days to fully charge your battery. A more practical alternative is a 240-volt charger, which allows you to fully charge the Bolt's battery in approximately eight hours.


Chevy Bolt EUV

The Bolt EUV is slightly longer than the Bolt EV, has more rear-seat legroom, and boasts some different exterior design features. GM brought out Chevy's first-ever electric crossover for the 2022 model year, and it's already proved to be a popular choice.

The Bolt EUV's power train is the same as the Bolt EV's, and it returns the same horsepower and torque numbers. It gets a driving range of 250 miles on a full charge. With a Level 2 240-volt charger, you can fully charge the Bolt EUV in seven to eight hours.

Inside the cabin, you'll have just over 16 cubic feet of storage with the second row of seats in use. With the rear row folded down, you'll have around 56 cubic feet of space, which is among the roomiest cabins in the class.

Several upgrade packages are offered to give you the option of a more upscale cabin. You can add a power-adjustable seat for the driver, heated and ventilated front seats, and leather upholstery. In the higher trims, you can add GM's semi-autonomous driving system, which includes steering, braking, and acceleration along 200,000 miles of highway in Canada and the United States.


2024 Chevy Silverado EV

The Silverado EV will start to arrive in dealerships in the spring of 2023. The first configuration is expected to be a Silverado EV WT or work truck, which is aimed primarily at the job site. The Silverado will have a battery pack and electric motor capable of achieving up to 400 miles of driving on a full charge.

The Silverado EV will share some technology with the GMC Hummer EV, which was the first all-electric truck built by GM. The Silverado EV will have a four-door crew cab and four-wheel steering. It's expected to boast a towing capacity of 8,000 pounds, although GM has promised to release a Silverado EV capable of pulling 20,000 pounds in the future.

Shortly after the work truck hits dealership lots, GM will bring out the range-topping RST model. This trim is expected to be packed full of technology and will have a six-figure price tag. It will also pack a powerful punch, with initial reports suggesting that it will put out at least 660 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque.


The Benefits of Buying an EV

If you're considering buying an EV for the first time, there are many good reasons to do so now. The network of public charging stations in Ottawa and across the country is growing, ensuring that you'll be able to access charging options while you're on the go. Additionally, the cost of installing a 240-volt charger in your home, which allows you to charge a Bolt overnight, has become much more affordable over recent years.

Technology improvements have reduced the price of electric vehicles significantly over recent years. It's no longer the case that you have to pay substantially more for an electric crossover such as the EUV than a traditional gas-powered SUV.


Why Shop at Jim Tubman Chevy?

You should make Jim Tubman Chevrolet your No. 1 stop for electric vehicles in Ottawa. In addition to the great range of EVs in our showroom, we can offer competitive auto financing to help fund your purchase and a professional service centre to provide you with regular maintenance. You can also take a look at our new vehicle incentives to make sure you get the best deal for your purchase. And if you decide purchasing an EV outright isn't the right choice for you, there are always our leasing options to consider.

If you have any questions about the Chevy EV lineup, don't hesitate to contact our dealership. Our team of GM experts knows the Bolt and Bolt EUV inside out and is looking forward to the arrival of the first Silverado EV in the coming months. We'd be delighted to assist you in learning more about our auto loan options and help you have a hassle-free buying experience.

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