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Chevrolet / Gm Parts Desk Person

FUNCTIONS: • Customer Relations • Interdepartmental Relations • Parts Ordering • Inventory Management • Quality Control • Sales/Marketing • Sales Analysis

COMPETENCIES: • Adaptability • Analysis • Continuous Improvement • Customer Enthusiasm • Sound Judgement • Organizing and Planning • Promote Teamwork • Knowledge of Product

PERSONALITY ATTRIBUTES: • Patience • Attentiveness • Clear Communication Skills • Ability to Use "Positive Language" • Ability to "Read" Customers • Persuasion Skills • “WOW” Customers Service


• Parts Manager

• Our customers



• Ability to greet customers, establish rapport, determine, and attend to customers' needs.

• Ability to match customers' needs with appropriate parts or services.

• Knowledge of automotive systems in general.

• Knowledge of and ability to monitor inventory to determine which parts require special ordering.

• Knowledge of parts counter procedures, such as requiring prepayment for special orders.

• Ability to search part numbers or to use the computer and standard catalogues.

• Ability to monitor bins and determine which parts need reordering.

• Ability to accurately track parts.

• Ability to monitor lost sales for inventory control.

• Knowledge of procedures for ordering special parts or parts with no published part numbers.

• Ability to identify and acknowledge the receipt of warranty (used) parts. Parts Consultant Job Description 2

• PC skills and experience using DMS and CRM software.

• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

• Highly organized, detail oriented, and able to thrive in a fast paced, changing environment



The Parts Counterperson:

• Contributes to managing inventory and ordering parts and works to meet customers' needs.

• Is strong interpersonal skills, establishing rapport with customers in person and on the phone and asking questions that help to locate the needed parts or service and any related parts or service in which customers might be interested.

• Must know which parts are in inventory, require reordering, or must be specially ordered.

• Assists the Parts Manager in resolving discrepancies between the computer inventory and the actual parts available in bins.

• Obtains the information needed to place special orders and ensures that the correct parts are sent.

• Must research the availability of certain parts, either within the dealership or from other sources as necessary and must be able to search part numbers using the computer or standard catalogues.

• Is aware of seasonal requirements for parts and of requirements for parts that arise because of recalls or specials in the Service Department.

• Identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience:

• Overcome price & product objections

• Ability to ask for the order

• Use assumptive sales strategy

• Provide best in class customer service.

• Ability to advise and educate customers in a way they can understand.

• Possess patience when locating parts or catalog items for non-technical customers.

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