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Parts Delivery Driver

Job Requirements:

· Driver’s must have a valid driver’s license, which will be periodically checked by our insurance company.

· Driver’s license abstract through M.O.T. with no traffic violations is required.

· Excellent organizational and time management skills.

· Since paperwork is involved, a minimum requirement is a high school diploma.

Customer Service:

· Customer service begins with accurate order pulling and efficient delivery, though safe driving is important.

· At the point of delivery, the parts employee becomes a customer service representative.

· Good deliverers build rapport with operators of typical local repair shops. They maintain friendly, courteous relationships that encourage repeat business and deter shop owners or managers from looking for other parts providers on future orders.


Driver Duties Related To Dispatcher:

· Delivery drivers must deliver a variety of goods and materials that are assigned to them by the route setup or the dispatcher in a timely matter.

· Call Dispatch after every customer drop to communicate timing and additional requirements. Also communicate with Dispatch any delays or issues that will hinder timely deliveries.

· Record or communicate your estimated return times on Drivers Time Board.



Drivers Responsibilities:

· The delivery process begins by accurately reading and pulling the appropriate parts for each customer invoice. As well, record all invoice numbers being delivered on driver’s route sheet. (Depending on the volume of orders, a driver may pull one customer's order and deliver it right away and come back for the next. Or, he may take several orders at once in a given area and make all of the deliveries on one run)

· Arrange delivery route in the fastest/most efficient route to each desired destination.

· Drivers should be familiar with and issue all paperwork, such as customer invoices, receipts and parts return receipts that are required.

· Verify invoice and pieces being left with customer are correct. Recertify Invoice is correct.

· Collect payments, also ensure signatures are obtained (do not leave parts without a signature). In addition, to assist in the resolution of our customers’ requests and complaints.

· When returning cash payments, have parts counter person deposit the cash and sign off on your drivers route sheet.

· To drive safely at all times and at all costs. Driving infractions are at the driver’s expense. Any complaint against a driver could result in termination.

· Conduct inspections of assigned vehicle, alerting the dispatcher or manager for needed maintenance and/or repairs.


Other Duties:

Drivers will often complete a number of other duties during slow periods or at the end of the drivers shift.

· Empty large garbage can in shipping area daily.

· Ensure there are no parts left outside the parts department after 3:30 p.m. on a daily basis.

· Gas delivery vehicles at the end of your shift. Refueling is not to be done on a daily basis but when necessary (every 2/3 days)

· Keys for vehicles are to be left on KEY Hooks every night.

· Each Driver is responsible for the cleanliness of assigned vehicle, both interior and exterior.

· Date, Sign and File driver’s route sheet in appropriate binders before you leave every evening.

· Ensure supplies and equipment are in the vehicle and used when required. (cargo nets, cargo tie downs, Credit/Return book, W/W Fluid, snow brush)

· Ensure that your radio is placed on the charger every evening

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