DAVID – November 27, 2017

Since I moved to Ottawa in 1956 from NY and began my association with Tubman’s, I was greeted with a welcome and full-service-orientation that I never had in NYC.  I have purchased 6 cars up to the present, and all my services (strictly 2x/year and only occasionally in between) have always been the best in-my-mind.  I have remained with my 2 service advisors and have ALWAYS abided by their recommendations (whether to do or NOT DO certain changes.)  I cannot recall any single significant problem to change my opinion.  My present 2002 Malibu remains in fine condition and appearance.  My 2011 Equinox is a pleasure to drive for long distances.  The treatment, service, pleasure I receive from Tubman’s has never changed from perfection for me.  As a professional (MD), I have always respected and trusted the professionalism of the company and its entire staff.  When they recommend a replacement, I will surely abide.  They have said:  If I WANT a new car, they will assist.  If I don’t NEED one, they will assure me of continued economical service.  So … I stay!