KYLE – January 18, 2019

I was satisfied because the guy that booked me in was very genuinely friendly, asked the right questions, and the service was quick.  The lounge area is set up very nicely and I even had my 9 month old son with me this time, who had a great time entertaining the other customers.

On another note, I bought my 2017 Silverado Z71 at Tubman in January 2017.  It was actually the guys that work in the parts department that were the reason I bought my new truck at Tubman.  Prior to buying the new truck, I had two older daily drivers plus 3 other old cars and I buy a significant amount of parts, accessories, fluids, etc.  Out of every GM dealership in Ottawa, Tubman was the only dealership with a parts department that treated me well and not like a one-time customer like the other dealerships.  I am a former automotive tech and typically do all of my own work.  I visited every GM Dealership in Ottawa and Tubman’s parts staff are by far the best in the city.  I dealt mostly with and was particularly impressed by Tony Ventura.  After only one visit, he remembered me and my vehicle the very next time I returned to Tubman to buy parts.  That’s impressive as I’m sure he sees hundreds of faces per day.  He’s the reason I traded my 10 year old Avalanche on a $58,000 truck at Tubman and why I come there for parts and service.