At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we are very proud of our word of mouth reputation. It is what sets us apart from the rest. The biggest compliment we can get is to have our customers talk well about us and refer their friends and family. If you have had a positive experience you would like to share, please click on one of the links below and write a Google Plus or Facebook or send an email to Reviews will only be posted with your permission.

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  • ~FRANCESCO~ January 11, 2018

    Great people who also helped finance the purchase I found for the private sale of my vehicle as a trade-in.

  • ~DAVID~ November 27, 2017

    Since I moved to Ottawa in 1956 from NY and began my association with Tubman's, I was greeted with a welcome and full-service-orientation that I never had in NYC.  I have purchased 6 cars up to the present, and all my services (strictly 2x/year and only occasionally in between) have always been the best in-my-mind.  I have remained with my 2 service advisors and have ALWAYS abided by their recommendations (whether to do or NOT DO certain changes.)  I cannot recall any single significant problem to change my opinion.  My present 2002 Malibu remains in fine condition and appearance.  My 2011 Equinox is a pleasure to drive for long distances.  The treatment, service, pleasure I receive from Tubman's has never changed from perfection for me.  As a professional (MD), I have always respected and trusted the professionalism of the company and its entire staff.  When they recommend a replacement, I will surely abide.  They have said:  If I WANT a new car, they will assist.  If I don't NEED one, they will assure me of continued economical service.  So ... I stay!

  • ~ROBERT~ November 25, 2017

    Great help from salesman (Chris Zardo).  Fought for the deal I wanted for me to be happy and to make purchase.  Was knowledgeable and stayed late to deliver my car for me much appreciated.

  • ~ERIC~ November 24, 2017

    Ryan McNamara was fantastic to deal with.  Seemed honestly helpful and not too car salesman like.

  • ~BERNIE~ November 7, 2017

    We are very pleased with our new car.  It was one of the few times where dealing with a salesperson (Ted Smith) turned out to be a good experience.  Thank you for your assistance in our purchase. When I went in to get my winter tires installed our service advisor was Don Murray.  He was very professional, polite and helpful. I also spoke with two of your Parts representatives - I think the first one I spoke with was the manager and the other was Eric Bouliane.  Both provided me with great service and helpful information. The last person I interacted with was at the service counter (Deb Charbonneau).  She was very polite, pleasant and professional.  She also was very informative and helpful. The whole experience at Tubman's has been great and you all make me feel important and was treated as "family".  Not the normal experience I have had at other dealerships where I felt I was a number vs client. Thank you once again and am looking forward to our next visit to Tubman.

  • ~AUREL~ September 7, 2017

    Was not pressured into anything, explained everything very well.  I have told everyone if buying a Chevrolet, to definitely give them a chance!

  • ~CHERYL~ July 24, 2017

    My salesperson Jack Desormeaux was very helpful and informative about the vehicle.  There was some confusion with the handling of my deposit deposit, which I paid on the dealership's online system, which I now understand was newly implemented, but that was cleared up quickly.  Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience.

  • ~LYN~ July 24, 2017

    I had a great buying experience with Ryan, my Salesman.  I am from the U.S. so there was extra paperwork involved, but he stuck with the process and made the sale as painless as possible.  Thanks for the great experience.

  • ~WAYNE~ May 31, 2017

    Jack Desormeaux helped find the truck I was looking for very quickly.

  • ~KARIN~ May 30, 2017

    Ryan McNamara in sales was a really great help and kept us informed throughout the process.