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Properly maintaining your car will not only assure its safety and dependability but may also boost its fuel efficiency and performance. Many automobile problems can be avoided simply by adhering to your vehicle's regular maintenance routine. For many drivers around Ottawa, avoiding costly mechanical repairs down the road is very important.

Vehicle maintenance requires a little time and money, whether for trucks like the Silverado or any other type of vehicle. However, taking care of your vehicle pays off in many ways. If you'd like to get the most out of your truck, learn more about following a Chevrolet Silverado maintenance schedule.


Why Is Routine Chevy Maintenance Important?


Routine maintenance activities, such as brake servicing, battery testing, oil changes, and tire rotations, are all vital to the mechanical health of your Silverado. This is true regardless of whether you drive a 1500, 2500, or 3500 model. Like the occasional checkup appointment for your own health, taking care of these details will pay off in the future, and not just by avoiding future repair expenditures.

Like all vehicle manufacturers, Chevy provides scheduled maintenance suggestions, with recommendations on when to do brake checkups, timing belt repairs, and oil changes. The instructions usually have windows to get certain things done based on your vehicle’s mileage or how many months have passed. There are numerous advantages to having your car serviced according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, so let's explain them in detail.

Save Money on Your Truck

Regularly servicing your car saves you money in the long run. For example, your vehicle may experience a transmission fluid leak. If the fault is not identified quickly, the transmission components will begin to slip, causing long-term damage. Instead of just repairing the leak, you may have to pay for a transmission repair or replacement, which is significantly more expensive than regularly scheduled Silverado maintenance.

Stay Safe and Avoid Accidents

Failure to have your vehicle serviced regularly increases the likelihood of a breakdown. Even a breakdown with no crash could be dangerous, for example, if you're stuck outdoors in bad weather. If your insurance company doesn't cover towing, you may have to hire a towing agency to get your vehicle to a service center. These and other details aren't a concern if you never experience a breakdown or accident.

Improved Silverado Performance

The Chevy Silverado is one of the most powerful and efficient trucks of its class. However, properly servicing your vehicle's oil and other fluids, as well as adjusting and replacing internal mechanical parts when necessary, will keep everything running optimally. This reduces internal wear and leads to a smoother-operating, better-riding vehicle in just about every way. It can also boost engine and drivetrain part durability because everything works in harmony.

When something in your vehicle needs a tuneup or replacement, or if it's time to install an accessory or two, be sure to check for any currently available service specials. Jim Tubman Chevrolet is the best place in Ottawa to save money on maintaining and enhancing a Silverado.

Chevrolet Silverado Maintenance Schedule

Whether you have a light-duty Silverado 1500 or a muscular Silverado 2500HD, you likely rely on it to work as hard as you do, perhaps even towing or carrying goods every day. Maintaining the grit and power of your Silverado requires the occasional Chevy service appointment, and Jim Tubman Chevrolet makes it simple.

Following a maintenance plan at a top-rated Chevy dealership ensures that your Silverado is running smoothly and efficiently while also detecting any irregularities early. Take a look at the detailed Chevy Silverado maintenance schedule below.

After 7,500 Miles

A routine oil change is one of the most important Silverado maintenance tasks. Roughly every 7,500 miles, you should completely drain and refill the pan with fresh oil and replace the oil filter. It’s not advisable to skip this service since filthy oil or a blocked filter might cause serious harm to the engine. You may also perform wheel balancing and alignment at the 7,500-mile checkup if your technician finds it necessary.

After 22,500 Miles

It's time to bring your truck in for a few other filter changes after 22,500 miles on Ottawa's roads and highways. You must replace the passenger compartment air filter, which removes pollen and dust from the air in your vehicle. Second, you should change the gasoline filter, as it’s probably clogged enough to reduce engine performance and accelerate wear.

After 45,000 Miles

You should change the engine air filter at least every 45,000 miles. If you experience sluggish acceleration or the need to refill more frequently, it's time to replace this long-lasting but critical component. For a Silverado with an automatic transmission, you must also replace the transmission fluid at this time.

After 97,500 Miles

By this point, you should have replaced your spark plugs. You may experience harsh idling, difficult start-ups, and poor fuel economy if you leave the old spark plugs in for an extended period.

After 150,000 Miles

After 150,000 miles, you will most likely need to flush out and replace your coolant if you didn’t do this at some point earlier. Coolant is partly used to protect engine components from oxidation, but the rust-prevention capability will deteriorate over time. You should also examine the engine accessory belts at this point. If you ignore a weakened belt, it'll eventually snap, likely resulting in a breakdown by the side of the road.

Silverado Maintenance Schedule Tips

These intervals are a solid guideline to follow when looking after your Silverado. Some circumstances, however, may influence how quickly you have to perform particular services, such as frequent driving in heavy traffic, driving in hot weather, driving on steep paths, or towing heavy weights. Try to keep these things in moderation, and you should get each of the services above at the times described.

Service Your Chevy Silverado at Jim Tubman Chevrolet

Jim Tubman Chevrolet provides Chevrolet automotive repair and maintenance services for folks all over Ottawa. Our Chevrolet service center has cutting-edge tools and the skills to satisfy your needs, from oil changes to tire alignment and suspension repair. Call our dealership or use our form to schedule Chevy service online.


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