Dexcool is the name of your General Motors car, truck or SUV’s coolant and requires regular maintenance like most other automotive fluids. Your engine’s coolant plays a vital role in keeping your engine cool and also heats the cabin of your vehicle. If your coolant is ignored, your vehicle may overheat and engine damage could occur.

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Why do I need a cooling system flush?

The engines in many of the new GM vehicles today are smaller than they used to be, which means a significant amount of heat. The cooling system is responsible for maintaining the engine at an acceptable operating temperature. A coolant system flush insures the anti-freeze is doing the correct job. Anti-freeze has a lifespan which needs to be changed periodically. It contains chemicals that prevent corrosion, however, anti-freeze that is old will actually speed up corrosion.

How often should I get a Dexcool system flush?

It is recommended that your cooling system be flushed every five years or 240,000 kms. Our Jim Tubman Chevrolet Certified Service Technicians will flush 100% of the coolant from your car, truck or SUV and replace it with AC Delco Dexcool.
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