Introducing Free Touchless Wheel Alignment at Jim Tubman GM Certified Service!

Touchless Alignment results are offered free and are displayed on the big screen offering full transparency on the results of your alignment test.

A Service Advisor is always available to discuss the results with you.

Available now. No appointment needed. No more having to book an appointment and paying for an alignment test.

Come on in! We’re ready for you.

Why should you check your car’s alignment? You may not even realize that your wheels are out of alignment. A simple, quick, test can tell you if you’re having any problems.

When misaligned, you’re putting your car under unnecessary strain, which can cause costly repairs in the long run. You may also experience:

  • reduced fuel economy
  • premature tire wear
  • difficulty steering
  • problems with suspension
  • overall issues with vehicle performance
  • “Thanks for the Free Alignment check. I was in the area and thought I'd check it out, pretty cool setup, gotta love the technology. All tests passed, I’m happy, thank you!”
    Alexxi C. - 2011 Subaru Forester

    “(My car) was out of alignment a fair bit for some reason. I guess that explains why the tread was worn down so much in spots!”
    Joe J. - 2020 Tesla Y

    “When changing my winter tires, I noticed some uneven wear in my summers. With only about 25,000 km on that set, and 35k on the car, I was concerned about how unevenly worn the tires were. Typically, I would probably ignore it because, to be honest… that’d be easier. But, the Free Alignment was ALMOST as easy as ignoring the problem! It literally took 30 seconds. Drive the car through the alignment test equipment, and by the time I got out of the car the report was on the tech’s computer and confirmed my suspicion. Thanks for the free, fast test and then getting my car in immediately for the alignment. Much easier than I expected, though still not quite as easy as ignoring the problem altogether.”
    Geoff C. - 2019 Ford Escape