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Roadside Assistance in Ottawa, ON

If you get stuck away from home, the Jim Tubman Chevrolet Roadside Assistance program will get things back to normal in record time. One benefit of buying a Chevy with a qualifying warranty is that you may have access to prompt, professional roadside assistance. Our skilled experts are accessible around the clock, and through our dependable Chevy service center, you can get the help you need, even while not under warranty. Read on to learn more about roadside assistance through Jim Tubman Chevrolet.

What Is Chevy Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance involves anything your vehicle might need to get you back home or back on your journey. It can help you out after getting in an accident, running out of gas, discovering a drained battery, or noticing an engine overheating problem, among other situations.

Sure, you could simply wait to call a towing company or service center near you when you need it. However, just like not having sufficient insurance protection in an accident, paying for roadside assistance without a plan will cost you more, particularly if you're somewhere further from the city. By getting a Chevy warranty plan with roadside assistance included, you’ll never have to worry about these costs.

Chevy service packages involving roadside and emergency services are available on our new vehicles, and in some cases, on our certified pre-owned Chevy inventory. You can get help on the way the second you're stuck at the side of the road, whether your car has broken down and you need basic repairs, you’ve run out of gas, or you’ve got a flat tire.

Chevy Roadside Assistance Services

Through the Jim Tubman Chevy Roadside Assistance program, all 2016 and newer Chevrolet passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and electric vehicles come with roadside assistance included for five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Chevy electric vehicles specifically have eight years or 100,000 miles of towing service. The Jim Tubman Chevrolet program covers the following:

  • Towing to the closest Chevrolet dealer.
  • 24/7 toll-free phone assistance.
  • Vehicle unlock service.
  • Flat tire change.
  • Battery jump-start.
  • Up to $5 of emergency fuel delivery.

When you call or use the appropriate app under our plans, an associate will put you in touch with the appropriate expert and make the proper arrangements. We even offer simplified, affordable towing-only plans for work vehicles.

How To Get Fast Chevy Roadside Assistance

When phoning our roadside assistance support team, we understand that you may be under stress. To save time and expedite the process, it's best to have the following information available when you call:

  • Your name and contact phone number.
  • Vehicle registration number.
  • Vehicle identification number.
  • Vehicle make, model, and year.
  • Name of the Chevrolet dealer that you purchased the vehicle from.
  • Brief description of the problem.
  • The specific location of the vehicle and the nearest landmark.

We even often assist folks in Ottawa with our lockout service by unlocking your car and getting you a replacement key if necessary. We just ask that you show identification for safety reasons. Not sure where you are? Feel free to offer any information you can, including any nearby landmarks. We're ready to listen and take the stress out of a high-pressure situation.

Chevy Flat Tire Changes and Towing

If you need assistance changing a flat tire with your vehicle's spare or using tools to re-fill it, simply call us or use the corresponding app for roadside assistance. If you have a spare tire, it must be in good shape and adequately inflated. Since the spare tire is often not the same size as your current one, it can be hard to tell its condition. Keep in mind that a roadside assistance plan in a Chevy warranty might not cover the cost of replacement tires, although a maintenance service plan likely could.

Whether your car was involved in an accident or damaged through other means, in some cases, it's impossible or unsafe to continue driving, and it will need a tow instead. You'll be glad you prepared in advance with towing coverage, which lets you arrange to deliver your vehicle to Jim Tubman Chevrolet or an automotive service center of your choice. Keep in mind that your vehicle must be accessible from a legal roadway.

Other Chevy Roadside Assistance Options

The most cost-effective roadside assistance option for a new Chevy in Ottawa is almost always our dealership-based program at Jim Tubman Chevrolet. You'll get it as part of your new, or in some cases, certified pre-owned, Chevy warranty coverage. However, if you'd like to compare it with other common roadside assistance plans, here are a few alternatives:


With OnStar roadside assistance, you can reach qualified experts for 24/7 emergency services at the push of a button or through the app. OnStar services are subscription-based, and many of our new or certified pre-owned Chevy vehicles come with long trial periods for roadside assistance, emergency response, and more. OnStar even offers programs with automatic unlocking, saving the day if you end up losing your key.

Insurance Company

Adding towing and roadside assistance coverage to your current insurance policy is another option, although compared to getting a Chevy with included warranty roadside assistance or OnStar, the price can be significantly more. Also, to add additional services to your policy, you might need a sufficient level of collision and comprehensive coverage first.

Cell Phone Company

Although this choice is restricted to specific carriers, you may be able to add roadside assistance as part of your mobile plan. Since this isn't their main area of focus, however, you're unlikely to get a practical monthly cost.

You never know when an unexpected maintenance issue, accident, or even the weather might leave you stuck away from home. In situations like these, you'll be glad you got a roadside assistance plan with Jim Tubman Chevrolet that includes necessary on-the-spot repairs, such as tire replacements, to get your car where it needs to go. This could mean the closest gas station, a service center, or just back home.

Just like our nonstop service for travellers to the Ottawa region, we're the best place in town to get roadside assistance for a new Chevy. Contact us or use this page to start the process and get your own coverage today.

 by Kenny Eliason is licensed with Unsplash License