Your transmission plays a vital role in the smooth operation of your vehicle. If you notice that your car, truck or SUV has difficulty or a delayed response to shifting gears, or is leaking a red/pink fluid, your vehicle needs a transmission check-up.

Jim Tubman Chevrolet Certified Service Technicians can perform a transmission filter check, fluid level check and a road test.

We Service All Makes & Models

Why is it important to have your transmission serviced? Because the Certified Service Technicians at Jim Tubman Chevrolet know that a clean transmission is a reliable transmission.

The fluid in your transmission has a limited life span just like any liquid in your vehicle. Over time, it breaks down or can become contaminated by impurities. The process our Certified Service Technicians use ensures 100% of the fluid is exchanged, where as other methods only change a portion of it.

In order to have both automatic and manual transmissions perform optimally, it should be serviced as per the owner’s manual recommendations. An exception to this would be vehicles used frequently for towing or service/delivery or mainly city driving.

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