Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Chevy in Ottawa

Are you in the market for a new vehicle in Ottawa? Consider a Chevy! Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  1. Built to last: Chevy vehicles are built to last, with a reputation for reliability and durability. From the rugged Silverado pickup truck to the sporty Camaro, Chevy vehicles are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and keep you on the road for years to come.
  2. Advanced safety features: Chevy vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features to keep you and your passengers protected on the road. From rear vision cameras and lane departure warnings to forward collision alerts and automatic emergency braking, Chevy has you covered.
  3. Innovative technology: Chevy vehicles are packed with innovative technology to enhance your driving experience. From the MyLink infotainment system to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, you can stay connected and entertained on the go.
  4. Fuel-efficient options: Chevy offers a range of fuel-efficient options, including hybrid and electric vehicles. Save money at the pump and reduce your environmental impact with a Chevy Volt or Bolt.
  5. Local dealership: When you buy a Chevy in Ottawa, you can count on Jim Tubman Chevrolet to provide exceptional service and support. Our experienced team of sales and service professionals is dedicated to helping you find the perfect vehicle for your needs and keeping it running smoothly for years to come.

Ready to take a Chevy for a test drive? Visit Jim Tubman Chevrolet in Ottawa today!

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Chevrolet Bolt Will Be Discontinued

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the end of production for the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV at the conclusion of the 2023 model year, after six great years. The Bolt EV and EUV were our company's first high-volume, long-range, affordable all-electric vehicles, and they attracted many new customers to the Chevrolet family, driving some of the highest conquest rates across our portfolio.

At launch, the Bolt EV represented industry-changing technology and an industry-leading ownership experience with the Charged by Chevrolet Program. Later, the EUV was the first Chevrolet to offer GM's hands-free driving experience with Super Cruise. While we have learned a lot from the Bolt and have had many great successes, every vehicle has a lifecycle that eventually comes to an end.

It's time for Bolt to pass the baton to our Ultium-based EVs – Silverado, Blazer, and Equinox EV. This will enable the manufacturing capacity, batteries, and human capital to bring them to market. The new Ultium-based EVs are going to play in the industry's biggest and the fastest-growing segments, giving us more market coverage and volume – and even better vehicles.

We want to assure you that ordering for the Bolt will continue throughout the summer, with production of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV continuing at Orion Assembly until late this year. Furthermore, GM's Orion Assembly facility, where the Bolt is built, will receive a $4 billion investment to convert this plant to build the Silverado and Sierra EVs. Orion is going to join Factory Zero as the second manufacturing location to build the electric Silverado, starting next year to help boost the company's annual EV capacity.

We want to thank you for all your partnership in laying the EV foundation. The electric future is bright at Chevrolet, and we're just getting started! Please know that we remain committed to bringing you the best vehicles and driving experiences.

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How to Choose the Right Chevrolet Trim Level for Interior Features


When you're in the market for a new Chevrolet vehicle, one of the many decisions you'll need to make is which trim level to choose. While exterior styling and performance features are important considerations, the interior features of your vehicle are just as important. Here are some tips on how to choose the right Chevrolet trim level for interior features.

Determine Your Budget

The first step in choosing the right Chevrolet trim level for interior features is to determine your budget. Different trim levels come with different price tags, so it's important to know what you can afford. Once you have a budget in mind, you can start to narrow down your options.

Consider Your Driving Needs

Your driving needs are also an important consideration when choosing a Chevrolet trim level. If you spend a lot of time on the road, you may want to consider a trim level with features such as heated and ventilated seats, a larger touchscreen display, and a premium audio system. On the other hand, if you're primarily using your vehicle for short commutes or trips around town, you may not need these features.

Research Trim Level Options

Once you have a budget and have considered your driving needs, it's time to start researching the different Chevrolet trim level options. Each trim level comes with its own set of features, and it's important to know what's included at each level. For example, the base-level trim may have cloth seats, while the higher-level trim may have leather seats with heating and ventilation options.

Chevrolet offers a range of trim levels for its vehicles, typically starting with a base model and progressing to higher levels that offer more features and amenities. Here's a closer look at the typical trim levels that Chevrolet offers for its vehicles:

  1. LS - This is the base-level trim for most Chevrolet vehicles. It typically includes standard features such as cloth seats, a basic audio system, and manual climate control.
  2. LT - The LT trim is the next step up from the base model. It usually includes additional features such as a touchscreen display, a rearview camera, and automatic climate control.
  3. Premier - The Premier trim level is a more luxurious option that typically includes features such as leather seats, a premium audio system, and advanced safety features.
  4. High Country - The High Country trim level is typically reserved for Chevrolet's pickup trucks and SUVs. It includes features such as premium leather seats, a larger touchscreen display, and advanced towing and hauling capabilities.
  5. RS - The RS trim level is often offered on Chevrolet's sportier models, such as the Camaro and the Malibu. It typically includes unique exterior styling elements, sport-tuned suspension, and upgraded performance features.
  6. Z71 - The Z71 trim level is typically offered on Chevrolet's pickup trucks and SUVs. It includes features such as off-road tires, skid plates, and a specially tuned suspension for improved off-road capability.
  7. Activ - The Activ trim level is a newer addition to Chevrolet's lineup, and it's typically offered on models such as the Trailblazer and the Spark. It includes features such as rugged exterior styling elements and enhanced ground clearance for improved off-road capability.

In addition to these typical trim levels, Chevrolet also offers special edition and limited edition models that may include unique features and amenities.

Test Drive Different Trim Levels

Once you've done your research and have a good idea of which trim levels you're interested in, it's time to test drive them. This will give you a better sense of how the interior features feel and function in real-world driving situations. You may find that some features are more important to you than others once you've experienced them firsthand.

Consult with a Sales Representative

Finally, it's always a good idea to consult with a sales representative when choosing a Chevrolet trim level for interior features. They can help you navigate the different options and recommend a trim level that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

In conclusion, choosing the right Chevrolet trim level for interior features is an important decision. By determining your budget, considering your driving needs, researching your options, test driving different trim levels, and consulting with a sales representative, you can make an informed decision that you'll be happy with for years to come. Visit your local Chevrolet dealership to explore the different trim levels and find the perfect vehicle for you.

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5 Reasons to Choose a New Chevrolet Over the Competition at Jim Tubman Chevrolet in Ottawa, Canada

When shopping for a new vehicle, the options can be overwhelming. With countless models, features, and price points to consider, it's important to choose a brand that offers the best overall value. For residents in Ottawa, Canada, Jim Tubman Chevrolet stands out as a top choice for those looking to purchase a new vehicle. Here are five reasons why you should consider a new Chevrolet over the competition.

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: Chevrolet is renowned for its commitment to integrating the latest technology into its vehicles. From advanced safety features like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Keep Assist to user-friendly infotainment systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Chevrolet models are designed to keep you connected, entertained, and secure on the road. At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, you can explore the full range of technological innovations offered across the Chevrolet lineup, ensuring you find a vehicle that meets your needs.
  2. Fuel Efficiency and Sustainability: Chevrolet is a leader in offering fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles. With options like the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, you can reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance or style. In addition to its electric vehicles, Chevrolet also offers fuel-efficient combustion engine models that help you save on fuel costs. At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, you can find a vehicle that aligns with your commitment to sustainability while still providing the performance you expect.
  3. Award-Winning Models: Chevrolet's dedication to innovation, quality, and safety has earned the brand numerous awards and accolades. Models like the Chevrolet Silverado, Equinox, and Bolt EV have been recognized for their outstanding performance, safety, and value. When you choose a Chevrolet from Jim Tubman Chevrolet, you can be confident you're getting a vehicle that has been recognized for its excellence by industry experts.
  4. Unparalleled Customer Service: At Jim Tubman Chevrolet, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Their knowledgeable sales team is committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget. With a wide selection of new and pre-owned Chevrolet models, you can count on their expertise to guide you through the process. Plus, their finance department will work with you to find the best financing options, ensuring you drive away in your dream car without breaking the bank.
  5. Comprehensive After-Sales Support: Jim Tubman Chevrolet goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction long after you've driven off the lot. With a state-of-the-art service center, you can trust their certified technicians to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Whether you need routine maintenance or more extensive repairs, they use genuine Chevrolet parts and the latest diagnostic tools to provide you with exceptional service. Additionally, their friendly parts department can help you find the perfect accessories to personalize your new Chevrolet.

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle in Ottawa, Canada, look no further than Jim Tubman Chevrolet. With a commitment to offering cutting-edge technology, fuel-efficient options, award-winning models, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive after-sales support, Chevrolet stands out from the competition. Visit Jim Tubman Chevrolet today and experience the difference for yourself.

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The History of Chevrolet: A Brief Overview

The Chevrolet Motor Company has a rich history spanning over a century, with many notable achievements and milestones. In this article, we'll provide a brief overview of the history of Chevrolet, from its founding to its current status as one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers.

Founding and Early Years

Chevrolet was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant in Detroit, Michigan, in 1911. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, affordable vehicles, and by 1915, Chevrolet had become one of the top-selling automobile brands in the United States. In 1918, Chevrolet was acquired by General Motors, which would go on to become one of the world's largest and most successful automotive companies.

Iconic Models and Innovations

Over the years, Chevrolet has introduced many iconic models and innovations that have helped to shape the automotive industry. In 1953, Chevrolet introduced the Corvette, a two-seat sports car that would go on to become one of the most recognizable and beloved cars in history. In 1955, Chevrolet introduced the Bel Air, a popular mid-size car that would become a symbol of the American Dream. In 1960, Chevrolet introduced the Corvair, a compact car that was notable for its rear-engine design.

Chevrolet has also been at the forefront of many automotive innovations over the years. In 1935, Chevrolet introduced the first independent front suspension system on a passenger car, which helped to improve handling and ride comfort. In 1963, Chevrolet introduced the first electronic fuel injection system on a production car, which helped to improve performance and fuel efficiency. In 1997, Chevrolet introduced the EV1, the first mass-produced electric vehicle, which paved the way for the development of modern electric cars.

Global Expansion and Success

Chevrolet has continued to expand and evolve over the years, with a strong focus on global markets and innovation. Today, Chevrolet is one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, with operations in over 100 countries and a wide range of vehicles to meet the needs of drivers around the world. Chevrolet continues to innovate and push the boundaries of automotive technology, with a strong focus on sustainability and electric vehicles.

In conclusion, the history of Chevrolet is a fascinating and inspiring story of innovation, success, and iconic models. From its humble beginnings in Detroit to its current status as a global automotive powerhouse, Chevrolet has remained true to its core values of quality, affordability, and innovation. We at Jim Tubman Chevrolet are proud to be a part of the Chevrolet family and to continue the legacy of excellence that has made Chevrolet one of the most iconic and beloved automobile brands in history.

Whether you're a fan of classic Chevrolet models like the Corvette and Bel Air or you're interested in the latest electric and sustainable vehicles, Chevrolet has something to offer for every driver. As Chevrolet continues to evolve and innovate, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this iconic brand.

If you're interested in experiencing the quality and innovation of Chevrolet for yourself, we invite you to visit Jim Tubman Chevrolet in Ottawa, Ontario. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect Chevrolet vehicle for your needs and budget, and we're proud to offer a wide range of new and used Chevrolet models to choose from. Come see us today and discover the history, innovation, and performance of Chevrolet!

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How To Connect To Bluetooth on Chevy

Most vehicles these days come with Bluetooth capabilities. To make use of this technology, you first need to connect your vehicle to your mobile device. If you have a Chevrolet vehicle, it's easy to connect your Chevy to your Bluetooth device. Once you do, you can start taking advantage of all the benefits this provides.
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Chevy 0-60 Times


Are you curious to find out how rapidly your Camaro or Equinox can accelerate off the line? Swift acceleration is a key part of highway driving, and many drivers just enjoy the feel of a fast car. Here at Jim Tubman Chevrolet, we've taken a look at Chevrolet's diverse lineup of cars, crossovers, and trucks to identify which of these GM vehicles is the fastest from zero to 60 mph.


Chevrolet Camaro


As one of Chevy's most popular sports cars, the Camaro seems like a good place to start. Even the base Camaro can shift from zero to 60 mph in an impressive 5.5 seconds, while the range-topping ZL1 trim does it in an incredible 3.5 seconds.

The Camaro has four engine options available. The base unit is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 270 horsepower. You can step up to a 3.6-litre V-6, which generates 335 horsepower. However, for the most power, you'll want to choose from Chevy's two V-8 options. The first is a 6.2-litre V-8 with 455 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque. Then there's the supercharged 6.2-litre V-8 that churns out 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.


Chevrolet Corvette


The Corvette is the Camaro's more upscale cousin, and it provides the best acceleration numbers in Chevy's lineup. The Corvette Stingray moves from zero to 60 in just 3 seconds and can complete a quarter mile in a little over 11 seconds.

The Corvette's speed is provided by a 6.2-litre V-8 that offers 490 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. As you shoot off the line, you can relax in the Corvette's well-appointed cabin, which features leather and aluminum finishings.


Chevy Blazer


If your vehicle purchasing plans are aimed more at everyday practicality than raw speed, the Chevy Blazer is a good choice. This midsize SUV offers plenty of interior space for a family to travel together. It moves from zero to 60 mph in a steady 8.1 seconds.

You can choose between two engines in the Blazer. The first is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 228 horsepower, which is fine for driving around town and accelerating up to highway speeds. For more acceleration and passing power, the 308-horsepower optional 3.6-litre V-6 is a wise choice.


Chevy Equinox


The more compact Equinox provides seating for five people across two rows. It can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 8.7 seconds.

While you might be surprised to learn that the Equinox is slower off the line than the larger Blazer, keep in mind that the Equinox has a smaller 1.5-litre turbocharged engine. This unit gives the Equinox better fuel economy than the Blazer, but more moderate passing power.


Chevy Malibu


The Malibu is a midsize sedan with a trunk that provides you with over 15 cubic feet of storage. It can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in around 7.8 seconds.

The acceleration offered by this sedan depends to a large degree on the engine you choose. The base 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder is a strong choice for city driving, putting out 160 horsepower. However, you'll probably want the larger 250-horsepower 2.0-litre turbocharged unit to get the most out of this sedan's speed.


Chevy Suburban and Tahoe


The Suburban and Tahoe are the two largest SUVs in Chevy's fleet. They're the ideal choice for drivers who need three rows of seating with an ample cargo storage area at the rear. The Suburban and Tahoe can move from zero to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds and 7.8 seconds, respectively.

The Suburban and Tahoe share the same engine lineup. The base unit is a 5.3-litre V-8 that puts out 355 horsepower. You can step up to either a 6.2-litre V-8 that generates 420 horsepower or a six-cylinder diesel engine with 277 horsepower. The Suburban's acceleration is slightly slower than the Tahoe because it's a larger vehicle, giving you over 41 cubic feet of storage at the rear compared to 25 cubic feet in the Tahoe.


Chevy Trailblazer


The compact Trailblazer is a crossover designed for fuel efficiency and city driving, so its acceleration numbers won't be the primary concern for most buyers. The Trailblazer can achieve zero to 60 mph in 9.4 seconds.

You can choose from two turbocharged engines in the Trailblazer: a 137-horsepower three-cylinder unit or a 155-horsepower option. The larger engine is a good choice if you plan on filling up this Chevy's relatively large cargo area, which can hold over 25 cubic feet of gear.


Chevy Traverse


If you need a third row but don't want an SUV as large as the Suburban or Tahoe, the Chevy Traverse could be a great option. It moves from zero to 60 mph in just 6.4 seconds, which is impressive for a vehicle of its size.

The Traverse's solid acceleration is thanks above all to its 3.6-litre V-6 engine, which cranks out 310 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. The standard Traverse has front-wheel drive, but you can add all-wheel drive for improved control and performance when towing.


Chevrolet Colorado


The Colorado is the smaller of Chevy's two truck options. This compact pickup can move from zero to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds.

The Colorado has a base 200-horsepower engine, with two upgrade options available. The first is a 308-horsepower V-6, while the second is a 181-horsepower turbodiesel. In terms of cargo-carrying options, you can choose between a long box measuring 6 feet, 2 inches and a shorter one measuring 5 feet, 2 inches.


Chevy Silverado 1500


The larger Chevy Silverado 1500 is quicker off the line than the Colorado due to a more powerful engine lineup. It can manage zero to 60 mph in a mere 5.5 seconds.

The Silverado 1500 has various engines available, but the strongest two in terms of performance are the 420-horsepower V-8 and the 277-horsepower turbodiesel. You can also choose between three cargo bed lengths and cab styles, giving you the option of building an ideal work truck or a family-friendly pickup.


Now that you know more about how each vehicle in Chevy's lineup accelerates, why not drop by our Ottawa showroom to learn more about our cars, crossovers, and trucks? Our team of Chevy experts will be delighted to arrange a test drive or answer any of your questions. Contact us today at Jim Tubman Chevrolet to learn more.


Images via chevrolet.com

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Iconic Chevy

By General Motors, Dallas - One hundred years ago, Chevrolet introduced the 1918 One-Ton, setting the stage for a century of iconic trucks.  To commemorate this milestone, the brand is looking back on 10 of the most iconic designs in Chevy truck history.

While Chevrolet truck design has changed radically over the past 100 years, one thing has always been true: Form has followed function as the trucks evolved to meet the customers' changing needs.

"Today, the Chevrolet truck design studio is focused on purposeful design that creates personality and customization options for a wide breadth of truck customers," said Rich Scheer, director of Exterior Design for Chevy Trucks.  "Looking back on the past century of truck design, I realized that Chevrolet designers have been focused on the same goals since the very beginning."

Here are 10 of the most iconic Chevy trucks in the past 100 years, along with a design perspective for each from Scheer:

  • 1918 One-Ton: The first production truck from Chevrolet was inspired by vehicles used in plants to move parts and pieces from place to place.  In the simplest terms, this is an example of form follows function.  It was a rolling chassis featuring an open cab, an inline four-cylinder engine and an open frame allowing customers to install the body that fit their unique needs.  One striking design element is the beautiful badge, which was clearly a designed element of this truck.  The front, the proportions and the dark blue, almost black color make a very sophisticated bowtie, even by today's standards.

1929 International1929 International Series LD: The 1929 was the first Chevrolet truck to feature a closed cab, which created the potential for what we know as interior design today.  As with all designs, once the functional elements were defined, more comfort- and style-focused features started to become important for truck buyers.  It's amazing how fast they went from the purpose-built 1918 truck to a more styled, closed-cab truck.  This is also the time when we started to introduce color.  The color combinations on Chevrolet cars and trucks from this period are something I still love today.

19381938 Half-Ton: This was the first truck designed in the newly formed Art and Colour department, which was later to be known as Design Center, by Harley Earl and his team.  (Earl became GM's first design chief.)   This year also saw the designs of cars and trucks deviate, as Design realized the need for trucks to have their own identity.  As such, it is arguably the first example of Design's influence on trucks.  The proportions really evolved from the earlier designs, creating a lower and longer truck with a styled grille and elegant, swept fenders.

19471947 3100 Series: This is one of the most iconic designs in automotive history.  If you mention a vintage Chevy truck, I think almost everyone will picture this model in their mind.  It was such a departure, advertisers coined the phrase "Advance Design," because it was bigger, stronger and sleeker than ever before.  The five-bar horizontal grille is a departure from vertical grilles of the past and was the very beginning of what became a signature of Chevrolet truck design.  You can see that the fenders are more integrated and the lamps are on the wide part of the vehicle instead of inboard, giving it a wider, stronger presence.  The result is a very handsome design with great proportions.

19551955 3124 Series Cameo Carrier: Known as the Task Force truck, the Cameo Carrier is Chevy's first Fleetside design.  The bed surface is flush with the cab and fender, making for one complete, elegant shape from front to back.  It was also Chevrolet's first bumper-to-bumper styled truck, as styling didn't stop at the back of the cab.  During this time, styling became a selling point for cars, inspiring more focus on design for trucks as well.  This was definitely the heyday of American automotive styling and ornamentation.

19671967 C10 Fleetside: This is the first truck that I really fell in love with.  It's a beautiful, sleek design with a hint of wheel flare.  I also really appreciate the line that flows away from the top of the bed line and the beautiful balance with the front of the vehicle.  This is a feature that can easily go wrong, but the designers of the time did it so right.  The body side has a strong shoulder that tapers toward the rear.  The Chevrolet bar on the front fascia connects the headlamp center with the bowtie - a design element that is still consistent today.  This time period is also when metallic paint was introduced, which highlighted the subtleties and body lines that weren't as obvious before.

19731973 C30 One-Ton Dually: This third-generation C/k square-body truck was the first crew cab dually to market, and many consider it to be the first modern Heavy Duty Truck.  The design reflects a dramatic increase in capability for customers who used their trucks for both work and recreation.  It is simple, tough and purposeful, similar to the earliest Chevrolet trucks.


19881988 C/K 1500: The C/K 1500 was the first truck design influenced by aerodynamics.  This generation had great design reach, meaning it looked very advanced for its time.  That is especially true for the new interior design, with a low instrument panel, pod-like setup and even buttons that looked futuristic.  This truck still looks modern and sophisticated 40 years later.

1999 Silverad1999o 1500 LT Z71: This was the first generation that used the Silverado nameplate.  It also introduced many of the modern design elements that customers associate with current Chevy truck design, especially the iconic Chevrolet front end.



20072007 Silverado 1500: The 2007 Silverado is simple, modern and powerful, featuring exaggerated wheel flares and a clean body side.  It's another evolution for Chevrolet trucks in creating their own identity on the road, with distinctive front and rear ends.  This truck brought back the "tough truck" look and feel, even though it was still heavily influenced by aerodynamics.

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Truck Centennial

Customers encouraged to join celebration with Special Edition Silverado and Colorado, an event at Texas Motor Speedway and more

By General Motors, Dallas - Model year 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the first production Chevrolet truck.  A century and more than 85 million trucks later, Chevrolet has become one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  To celebrate the Chevy Trucks Centennial, the brand is honoring the owners who have made Chevy Trucks a part of their lives for the past century with a 100-day celebration featuring two new Special Edition trucks, the national rollout of the Truck Legends customer loyalty program and more.

"The Chevy Trucks Centennial is a huge milestone for us, and is equally important to our customers," said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Trucks Advertising and Marketing director.  "That's why we will be celebrating 100 years of Chevy Trucks over the course of the next 100 days.  It's important that we share this celebration with our loyal customers who have helped us achieve this accomplishment."

Chevrolet kicked off the Centennial Celebration today at the State Fair of Texas, where the brand announced four ways customers can celebrate the Chevy Truck Centennial:

  • New 2018 Silverado and Colorado Centennial Special Editions
  • National rollout of the Chevy Trucks Legends program
  • Branded merchandise featuring Chevy heritage bowtie
  • Chevy Trucks Centennial Celebration on December 16, 2017

From the beginning, Chevrolet Trucks has focused on making the best possible vehicle to meet every customer's needs.  After building specialized trucks to serve its factory, Chevrolet introduced its first trucks to customers in 1918.  They included the half-ton Light Delivery and the 1918 One-Ton truck.  Both were offered with an open chassis behind the windshield that allowed customers to choose between purchasing or building a specialized body for their vocation.

A century later, customer choice continues to drive Chevy Trucks.  Chevrolet is still the only manufacturer to offer customers a three-truck portfolio - featuring the Colorado, Silverado and Silverado HD - and a full line of special editions, giving customers more options for the perfect truck to fit their needs and personal style.

2018 Silverado and Colorado Centennial Editions

The latest additions to the Chevrolet Trucks portfolio of special editions, the 2018 Silverado and Colorado Centennial Editions feature design elements inspired by Chevy Trucks throughout history, including a distinctive Centennial Blue paint colour and exclusive heritage bowtie emblems and 100 year badges inspired by colours and design cues found on early Chevrolet Trucks.

"The Silverado and Colorado Centennial Editions are a result of collaboration between Chevrolet Design, Engineering and Marketing, to commemorate the history of Chevy Trucks," said Rich Scheer, Chevrolet Trucks director of Exterior Design.  "Both vehicles offer our most enthusiastic fans a way to demonstrate their love for Chevy Trucks and celebrate the Chevy Trucks Centennial with us."

The Silverado Centennial Edition is available on the LTZ Z71 crew cab and the Colorado Centennial Edition is offered on Z71 crew and extended cab models.

Vehicle Highlights


  • LTZ Z71 trim; Crew Cab
  • Front and rear heritage bowtie emblems
  • 100 year door badge
  • Spray-in bedliner with heritage bowtie emblem
  • Accessory floor liners with heritage bowtie emblems
  • Centennial Blue exterior paint
  • 22" painted wheels with chrome inserts
  • 22" all-terrain tires
  • Chrome tow hooks
  • Chrome bowtie on steering wheel


  • Z71 rim; Crew Cab and Extended Cab
  • Front and rear heritage bowtie emblems
  • 100 year door badge
  • Spray-in bedliner with heritage bowtie emblem
  • Accessory floor liners with heritage bowtie emblems
  • Centennial Blue exterior paint
  • Body-Color rear bumper and front grille surround
  • LT Optional 18" wheels with monochromatic cap
  • Chrome tow hooks, belt molding, mirror caps and door handles

Connecting Truck Legends Nationwide

To connect with the most loyal Chevy Truck customers across the country, the brand is rolling out its Truck Legends program nationwide.  The program recognizes customers who own a Chevy Truck with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, or who have purchased or leased more than one new Chevy Truck in their lifetime.  Chevy Truck Legends was launched as a Texas-only pilot in September 2016 and grown to a community of more than 5,400 loyal Chevy Truck customers.

In addition to Truck Legends branded merchandise and access to an exclusive members-only online community, Chevrolet will periodically offer Truck Legends members once-in-a-lifetime experiences leveraging Chevrolet's partnerships.  These experiences could range from front-row seats at concerts, to attending sold-out Major League Baseball events, to getting a sneak peek at new Chevrolet models.

From Ball Caps to Bass Boats

In addition to the special edition Silverado and Colorado and the expansion of the Truck Legends program, Chevrolet is commemorating a century of trucks with a wide range of special merchandise featuring the heritage bowtie emblem highlighted on the Centennial models.  And for true enthusiasts, a special Centennial Edition bass boat will be offered by Phoenix Boats and a Centnnial Edition enclosed trailer will be available from inTech Trailers.  All merchandise is available at ChevyGearUSA.com.

The Phoenix boat and 24-foot inTech trailer, which is large enough to haul a car or other recreational toys, will be designed to complement the Centennial Blue paint and special edition badging.

Chevrolet has also built a customized 1967 C-10 show vehicle to commemorate the 100-year milestone.  It will be shown during the State Fair of Texas through October 22 and will be on display at the SEMA show in late October.

Chevy Trucks Centennial Event

The 100-day Centennial Celebration will conclude with a Chevy Trucks Centennial Celebration event on Saturday, December 16 at Texas Motor Speedway.  The event will feature opportunities to experience the latest Chevrolet products, a chance to meet Chevrolet fans like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and other exclusive experiences.

The event is free to attend but space is limited to invitation only.  Truck Legends members will be the first to receive more information on the celebration and invitations.

"This event is Chevrolet's way of thanking owners for putting their trust in Chevy Trucks for 100 years," said Piszar.  "We look forward to celebrating the past, present and future of Chevy Trucks with our customrs."

Fast Fact

The 1918 Chevrolet One-Ton truck was powered by a four-cylinder engine rated at 36 horsepower.  Its top speed was 25 mph.

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By Auto123.com - One of the factors families shopping for a new vehicle should take into account is the ease of installation and use, as well as the effectiveness, of infant or child car seats.  Is the seat easy to install?  Is the anchoring system user-friendly?  Can you get your child in and out easily?  Will the child be comfortable?

A highly practical annual ranking published by Cars.com rates vehicles by these and other measures.  Right in time for Child Passenger Safety Week, we take a look at the new 2017 list for you!

Explains Jennifer Newman, editor-in-chief at Cars.com and a certified child passenger safety technician, "Proper car-seat installation can be a daunting task for many parents.  Automakers have added Latch systems to make the process a little easier and less stressful, but not all of these systems have been created equally.  That's why we test them in nearly every new vehicle.  We want parents, grandparents and caretakers of young children to understand their options and which ones are the easiest to use."

In total, 65 different 2017-2018 models were evaluated beginning in September of last year, but only the 10 best-performing models, which have earned the best possible A rating in each criteria, made the final list.  In addition, each of these models offers sufficient space to fit at least two car seats.  The list runs the gamut from outdoorsy vehicles like the Impreza to utility models like the Equinox and the Atlas, as well as luxury models from Lincoln, Mercedes and Genesis.

  • 2018 Chevrolet Equinox
  • 2017 Genesis G90
  • 2017 GMC Acadia
  • 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
  • 2017 Lincoln Continental
  • 2017 Mercedes-Benz C Class
  • 2017 Subaru Impreza
  • 2018 Volkswagen Atlas
  • 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan
  • 2017 Volvo S90
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2017 ImpalaBy Chris Woodyard, USA Today - Two car models from Detroit's Big 3, both Chevrolets, have worked their way onto Consumer Reports' list of most recommended new vehicles for 2017.

The Chevrolet Cruze becomes the Top Pick for a new compact car, knocking off the Subaru Impreza that held the spot for the past few years.  It joins the Chevrolet Impala, which remains the non-profit organization's most recommended selection for a large car.

Consumer Reports, because of its notorious independence, is one of the most highly regarded sources of advice when it comes to new cars.  The organization buys all the cars it uses for testing, rather than borrowing them from automakers, as one way of making sure that its results are similar to those that would be found by the average motorist.

But cars from the Detroit 3, including General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, have had a tougher time than the import brands making the recommended lists despite steady improvements in design and quality.  This year, however, the list shows some variety.

It's not dominated by Japanese brands.  Rather, the list includes a vehicle from South Korea's Kia and Germany's Audi.

Cruze not only was tops in the compact category, but it beat out such Japanese-brand mainstays as Honda Civic, a redesigned model that has been a hit among buyers and Toyota Corolla.

"The Cruze is impressive.  With such a smooth ride and quiet interior, it feels like a much larger car, and reliability has been solid right out of the gate," says Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports' director of automotive testing, in a statement.

The testers also gave high marks to Honda's redesigned Ridgeline pickup, which they said drives more like a car than a truck and had decent gas mileage of 20 miles per gallon overall.

The list wasn't just based on reliability, the ratings for which Consumer Reports is best known.  It also factored in road-test performance, owner satisfaction, and safety.

SUBCOMPACT CAR:  Toyota Yaris iA, $17,570 US

COMPACT HYBRID:  Toyota Prius, $27,323 US

LUXURY SUV:  Audi Q7, $68,695 US

SPORTS CAR:  Mazda MX-5 Miata, $29,905 US

SMALL SUV:  Subaru Forester, $27,145 US

MIDSIZED SUV:  Toyota Highlander, $41,169 US

COMPACT PICKUP TRUCK:  Honda Ridgeline, $36,480 US

COMPACT CAR:  Chevrolet Cruze, $23,145 US

MIDSIZED SEDAN:  Kia Optima, $25,860 US

LARGE SEDAN:  Chevrolet Impala, $39,110 US

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By Jodi Lai, AutoGuide.com - The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Sedan has been officially rated by the EPA to get 52 mpg on the highway.

To put that into perspective, the Toyota Prius gets a combined rating of 52 mpg.  Chevrolet says the Cruze Diesel's fuel economy is "the highest highway fuel economy of any non-hybrid/non-EV in America" when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission.  In the city the manual Cruze gets an official rating of 30 mpg, for a combined city/highway rating of 37 mpg.

The 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Sedan is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with 137 horsepower and a stout 240 pound-feet of torque.

In addition to a six-speed manual, a nine-speed automatic with stop/start is also available.  Equipped with the automatic transmission, the Cruze is rated at 47 mpg highway and 31 mpg city for a combined 37 mpg.

Pricing for the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Sedan starts at $24,670US including destination.  A hatchback version of the diesel Cruze will be available for the 2018 model year, and with Volkswagen no longer selling diesel vehicles in North America, the Cruze is the only diesel option in the compact car segment.

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DETROIT - IHS Markit, a leading source of global automotive industry information, analysis and insight, has recognized General Motors (NYSE: GM) as the company with the highest overall customer loyalty for the second consecutive year.  The announcement was made at the Automotive News World Congress held in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show.

IHS Markit loyalty awards are presented annually to companies and brands that demonstrate the ability to retain owners over repeat buying cycles.  They are the only fact-based awards in the industry focused on owner loyalty.  Awards are based on consumer transactions and information obtained from state registration and lease transaction information.

In addition to the recognition of GM as the company with the best "Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer" during the 2016 model year, the Chevrolet Volt, GMC Yukon Denali XL and the Cadillac brand were also honored:

  • Cadillac earned the "Most Improved Super Loyalist" award.  Super Loyalists are customers who make three consecutive brand purchases
  • The Chevrolet Volt and GMC Yukon Denali XL each received the top award in their segment for loyalty.

"Loyal customers are the foundation of our brands and they are the strongest advocates we have to attract new customers," said Alan Batey, president of GM North America.  "The recognition we are receiving from IHS Markit and the rapid market share growth we have seen in the United States follow years of steady investment in new products and every aspect of the ownership experience, including new dealership facilities, advanced technology and customer service."

GM was the fastest growing full-time automaker in 2016 based on retail market share, which was up 0.5 percentage points to an estimated 16.8 percent.  Chevrolet continues to be the U.S. automotive industry's fastest-growing brand, with retail market share up nearly 1 point in the past two years to 11.1 percent.

The Chevrolet Volt had its best sales year ever in 2016, with deliveries up 61 percent versus 2015.  The GMC Yukon XL saw deliveries increase 18 percent in 2016, with more than 60 percent of customers purchasing Denali models.

Cadillac is also growing rapidly around the world.  The brand's global sales in 2016 we up 11 percent to more than 300,000 vehicles, the most since 1986.

About General Motors

(NYSE: GM, TXS: GMM) and its partners produce vehicles in 30 countries, and the company has leadership positions in the world's largest and fastest-growing automotive markets.  GM, its subsidiaries and joint venture entities sell vehicles under the Chevrolet, Cadillac, Baojun, Buick, GMC, Holden, Jiefang, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuiing brands.



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MalibuBelow is an incredible story sent to us by a loyal Jim Tubman Chevrolet customer.


My name is Jamie Clarmo.  I own Clarmo Auto Repair in Metcalfe.  We have been a loyal customer of Tubman Chevrolet for years.

I was surfing the internet the other day, looking for information on one of my favorite cars ... "The Chevrolet Malibu".  I came across your newsletter for May 2016 about Chevy's new 2016 Malibu which seemed a little bias toward the new model and did not show much love for the older models, the Iraqi Taxi in particular.  Quote "Over the years, the good, the bad and the plain ugly have worn the nameplate.  The ugly badge is pinned to the tail of the so-called Iraqi Malibu."

I am not writing to you because I am upset.  I am writing this to tell you my Malibu story and there is nothing bad or ugly about it.

Malibu's have always been a part of my life.  One of the most vivid and fondest memories I have of my childhood was of my father in his baby blue 1970 Chevelle Malibu squealing the tires and driving fast making my mother yell at him to slow down!

My first car in 1989 was an light tan/gold Iraqi Taxi (I guess it was a little ugly).  My father paid $500 for it and proudly gave it to me on my 16th birthday.  In 1991 I passed down the Taxi to my younger brother, and I purchased a 1969 Malibu Convertible, bright red with a white top and white interior.  I spent every dollar I made on it, keeping me out of trouble while all my friends woke up with hangovers.  In 1992, once I had it all fixed up and shiny, it helped me acquire a first date with a beautiful young lady named Sherri, who is currently my wife.  Our son Steven is 16 and daughter Theresa is 14.

My dream as a boy was to go Drag Racing.  My first trip down the drag strip was in 1990 with my best friends 1980 two door Malibu Sports Coupe which I purchased in 1995.  It broke my heart but I sold the Convertible to rebuilt the 1980 Coupe to go Drag Racing.  (Orange pic, Sanair QC. in 1993) I have been addicted to drag racing ever since.  In 2006 I sold the 1980 Coupe to purchase another, more competitive race car (not a Malibu) but wished I could keep it.

I am now 43 years old and in January 2016, I was looking for a car for my son who was about to turn 16 in March.  Searching Kijiji for a car I got thinking of my "first" car, the Iraqi Taxi and thought ... what are the chances there are any still around .. so I typed in Iraqi Taxi and one popped up being advertised for sale in Peterborough. 1981 Iraqi Taxi with 33,000 km, all original everything, even the wiper blades!

The story is that the original owner worked at the Oshawa GM Plant where these cars were built and when the deal fell through with Iraq he bought one.  He didn't like the clutch and it hurt his knee so he parked it in 1984 in his garage and covered it in blankets.  He passed away in 2010 and his sister acquired his estate as he did not have any wife or siblings.  His sister and her husband also both worked at the GM plant in the 70's and 80's.  The Taxi had not seen daylight in 26 years and they sold it to a guy in Peterborough who got it running but only ever put 1500 kms on the car in five years so he decided to sell it on Kijiji.  I had to have it, I couldn't resist!!!  (Two tone blue pic.  Not as ugly as my old gold one).  But now I'm still looking for a car for my son!

My wife comes to me in March 2016 and says, "Your old orange race car is for sale on Facebook.  You need to buy it back for Steven (my son)".  How could I say no to that???

Steven and I spent most of last summer fixing it up and in the fall we had it back on the track (now orange and black).

Well that's my Malibu story.  I have not yet driven a 2016 Malibu, but I'm sure when I do, I will love them too!


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Another ding to Japanese car maker struggling to
maintain its stellar quality reputation

By Christina Rogers, The Wall Street Journal - Consumer Reports has pulled its recommendation for the Honda Civic after owners of the popular compact car reported many reliability issues, representing yet another ding to the Japanese car maker which in recent years has struggled to maintain its stellar quality reputation.

The influential product-review magazine pointed to several problems on the redesigned Civic - ranging from electronics failures to entire dashboard consoles needing replacement - as reasons for withdrawing its coveted stamp of approval for the second time in five years.

Jake Fisher, head of auto testing for Consumer Reports, said this is the first time in recent memory the magazine has yanked its recommendation of the Civic for poor reliability scores, a surprise given Honda's long record for finishing near the top of the magazine's quality rankings.

Honda slipped two notches to number 10 in Consumer Reports' latest reliability study released on Monday, while rival Toyota Motor Corp. held steady with its Toyota and Lexus brands topping the list of most reliable brands.

Honda, in a statement, said it values both customer and third-party feedback and will continue "working diligently to enhance the usability and functionality of these in-demand technologies in our unrelenting effort to create new value for our customers."

General Motors Co.'s Buick brand jumped four spots to number 3 in the latest rankings, making it the first domestic brand in more than three decades to break into the top three for reliability.  Nissan Motor Co.'s luxury Infiniti brand climbed 16 notches to land in the top 10.

"We see across the board as auto makers introduce complex electronic systems they're having more problems," Mr. Fisher said.

Honda made extensive design changes when it overhauled the Civic for the 2016 model year, increasing the chances of problems occurring, he added.

Whereas Honda once took a more conservative approach to model redesigns - phasing in major changes over several years rather than all at once - it has become more aggressive in recent years in moving quickly to introduce new technology, Mr. Fisher said.

In 2011, Consumer Reports dropped its recommendation for the 2012 Honda Civic, citing "lower interior quality" and "a choppy ride, long-stopping distances and pronounced road noise."

Honda has also encountered other quality woes in recent years related to problems with faulty Takata Corp. air bags and multiple recalls on its subcompact Fit.

GM continues to improve in Consumer Reports' reliability rankings with its Chevrolet brand climbing five spots to number 15.  The Detroit car maker, however, continues to struggle with its large trucks and sport-utility vehicles, Mr. Fisher said, with the Cadillac Escalade ranking among the least reliable vehicles in this year's study.

Ford Motor Co. fell one spot to number 18, mostly because of problems with the dual-clutch transmissions in the Focus and Fiesta small-car models, while four brands owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV - Ram, Fiat, Chrysler and Dodge - ranked at the bottom of the pack in reliability.

Consumer Reports restored its recommendation for Tesla Motors Inc.'s Model S sedan after yanking the accolade last year due to problems ranging from battery charging issues to leaky sunroofs.

Tesla's overall score, however, landed it fifth from the bottom as continued reliability problems with its Model X sport-utility vehicle continue to dog its quality performance.

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Drivers can push range boundaries with selectable one-pedal driving modes

By General Motors Canada, Oshawa - The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV will offer drivers a customizable one-pedal driving experience that allows for maximum total vehicle range.

One-pedal driving combines the highest available level of regenerative braking, which captures otherwise lost energy from deceleration and sends it back to the Bolt EV battery pack for the greatest total vehicle range.  Along with additional software controls, regen braking allows the driver to stop the vehicle without using the brake pedal in certain driving conditions.

"Bolt EV customers who want an engaging driving experience will love the thrill of one-pedal driving," said Bolt EV Chief Engineer Josh Tavel.  "They will be able to tailor the vehicle to their preferred driving style and maximize their range."

Progressively stronger levels of regen braking are employed in all Bolt EV driving through a series of four driver-selectable modes.

  1. Operating in Drive and easing off the accelerator
  2. Operating in Drive and using the Regen on Demand paddle on the back of the steering wheel
  3. Operating in Low and easing off the accelerator
  4. Operating in Low and using the Regen on Demand paddle in tandem

Number 1 provides the lowest level of regen braking and requires the use of the brake pedal to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.  Numbers 2-4 are progressively stronger one-pedal driving modes that in certain driving situations allow a driver to stop the vehicle without using the brake pedal.  (One-pedal modes do not eliminate the need to use the brake pedal altogether, especially in emergency situations.)

Using a vehicle simulation model, engineers compared regen performance on a testing cycle that simulated heavy stop-and-go traffic in Drive and another using one-pedal driving while in Low and also the Regen on Demand paddle.  The engineers found that the one-pedal driving can add up to 5 percent of range to the Bolt EV.

During interviews with Chevrolet, EV enthusiasts expressed their desire for one-pedal driving capability.  Bolt EV owners, much like Chevrolet's enthusiastic Volt customers, will enjoy using regen braking to maximize every charge of the vehicle's 60 kWh battery pack.  The Bolt EV is GM-estimated to provide up to 320 kilometres of EV range.

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General Motors, Oshawa - We are proud to share with you some exciting news.  Chevrolet Malibu, Equinox, Silverado HD & Camaro have been recognized as the Most Dependable vehicles in their respective categories by J.D. Power.  The J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) is one of the most coveted and recognized awards in the industry and Chevrolet was the brand that received the most awards in 2016.

"Most dependable Midsize Car in the U.S."
"Most Dependable Midsize Car in the U.S., Two Years in a Row"

"Most Dependable Compact SUV in the U.S."

"Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup in the U.S."
"Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup in the U.S., Two Years in a Row"

"Most Dependable Midsize Sporty Car in the U.S."
"Most Dependable Midsize Sporty Car in the U.S., Four Years in a Row"

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Global Sales

  • GM #1 in North America, South America and China
  • Cadillac sales up 8 percent globally
  • Buick achieves third consecutive global sales record
  • Chevrolet sales in North America up 6 percent
  • Opel/Vauxhall post best European results since 2011


By General Motors, Detroit - General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) global sales totaled 9.8 million vehicles in 2015, up 0.2 percent for the company's third consecutive year of record sales.

"GM continued to grow in 2015 as our focus on the customer and successful new vehicle launches more than offset the challenging conditions in South America and the curtailment of our presence in certain markets such as Russia," said GM President Dan Ammann.

Deliveries in North America rose 6 percent in 2015 to 3.6 million cars, trucks and crossovers.  In the U.S., GM grew its retail sales, which are sales to individual customers, faster than any other automaker.

In China, General Motors and its joint ventures delivered a record 3.6 million vehicles, up 5 percent compared to 2014.  Their lineup expanded through the introduction of 12 new and refreshed models.  SUV deliveries were up 144 percent, led by new models such as the Buick Envision and Baojun 560.

In 2015, General Motors' cars, trucks and crossovers were leading automotive sales in China and its North American and South American regions.

GM has several major product launches underway around the world, including the new Opel Astra with more than 80,000 orders across  European markets and the new Chevrolet Malibu in North America, which began arriving in showrooms at the end of last year.

Global Sales Highlights (vs. 2014)

  • Chevrolet grew retail market share in the U.S. faster than any full-line automotive brand, with total sales up 5 percent to more than 2.1 million cars, trucks and crossovers.  Chevrolet sales in Canada increased 3 percent while sales in Mexico went up 18 percent.  Combined sales for the brand in North America were up 6 percent.
  • Buick set a global sales record for the third consecutive year, driven by record sales in China and record crossover deliveries in the United States.  Total sales surpassed 1.2 million vehicles.
  • Cadillac grew globally by 8 percent, driven by record sales in China and the strong growth in SRX and Escalade deliveries in the U.S.
  • GMC continued to grow and achieved its 6th consecutive year of sales gains.  Based on new and significantly refreshed products, deliveries grew 11 percent to 680,000 vehicles.
  • Opel/Vauxhall achieved its best sales result in four years delivering more than 1.1 million vehicles despite its strategic departure from the Russian market.  Share of the total European vehicle market increased for the third year in a row to nearly 6 percent.
  • In the U.S., GM's total sales were up 5 percent supported by the momentum of vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, the GMC Sierra and record crossover deliveries.  Retail deliveries increased 8 percent.
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