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Packed with amazing hauling capabilities the new 2015 Chevrolet Express can easily transport up to fifteen people at a time - as well as all of their cargo! The latest solution in working vans, the Chevrolet 2015 Express passenger van is offered in both the 3500 series (available with a regular 135 inch wheelbase and extended 155 inch wheelbase), and the 2500 series - with a 135 inch wheelbase. These impressive vans can accommodate eight, twelve, or fifteen people, and come in both LT and LS trim levels.

The 3500 series is rated at 9,600 pounds, or 9,900 with the available 6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel engine, whereas the 2500 series is rated at 8,600 pounds. Some additional available and standard features include:

  • Available Duramax turbo-diesel 6.6L engine
  • Available digital radio with USB port
  • Side-cut keys
  • OnStar and Turn-by-turn navigation as standard
  • Available SiriusXM radio
  • Trailering of as much as 9700 lbs on 3500 models
  • Rear locking differential available
  • Green Metallic and Red Hot exterior color choices

Highlights of the Exterior

  • A wide range of impressive exterior colors
  • Standard sixteen-inch steel wheels
  • Available outside folding heated power-adjustable mirrors on all models
  • Passenger sliding door available
  • 60/40 passenger side doors for all models
  • Chrome aesthetics package standard on LT and available with LS

Highlights of the Interior

  • Power door locks and windows on all models
  • Standard air conditioning
  • Rear air conditioning standard on LT models (available on LS)
  • Standard driver information center on all models
  • Outside temperature features available
  • OnStar with turn-by-turn navigation as standard and navigation radio available
  • SiriusXM radio available on all models
  • Anchors for child seats as standard
  • Enough seating for 12 as standard or optional seating for 15 or 8
  • Cloth or custom vinyl upholstery
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel and audio controls available
  • Remote vehicle starting system available and remote keyless entry standard on the LT
  • Two 12 volt power outlets
  • 110 volt outlet for instrument panel
  • Power-adjustable six-way driver's seat and passenger's seat available

Powerful Powertrains

The amazing Duramax V-8 turbo-diesel is offered in various Express models, delivering amazing horsepower rated at 260 and high-class torque of 525 lb-ft. The LGH Duramax system employs a stunning cooling system alongside revised tuning of the turbocharger that helps to enhance and improve performance. The Duramax also has an impressive catalytic reduction system, featuring the latest technology in emission control.

Express Powertrains - 6.6L Duramax Diesel

The powerful Duramax turbo-diesel V-8 os offered in some Express models, delivering best-in-class torque and horsepower. Known by its "LGH" engine code, it is rated at 260 horsepower (194 kW) and 525 lb-ft of torque (712 Nm). The Duramax also comes with a particulate filter system. This means that unlike the systems that are used by many competitors, the Duramax can regenerate its filter using the downstream injection of diesel fuel which is sent directly into the exhaust stream. In simple terms, the Express can travel as much as 700 miles between regenerations, giving it a huge 300-mile boost over old Duramax engines. This injection system also enhances the life of the Express engine by reducing concerns regarding the contamination of engine oil, which can occasionally happen when the fuel that is used for regeneration is directly introduced to the cylinder.

The Duramax system is also ideal for cold-weather use, using microprocessor-controlled glow plugs that can provide a start performance like a gas-engine in less than 3 seconds during temperatures as low as -29 degrees C. The engine can operate for a minimum of 200,000 miles on a harsh-duty cycle without the requirement of a major overhaul, and it is backed by a 160,000 km or five year warranty. Vans equipped with the Duramax 6.6L can also access fuel-operated heater systems to keep them warm during cold weather. This can be integrated seamlessly into the chassis of the express, saving customers the effort and time associated with upfitting the system. The fuel-operated, electronically-controlled heater operates on an automatic level, turning off and on according to parameters such as fuel level, engine use, coolant temperature and outside air temperature.

Gas Engines

The 2016 Chevrolet Express gives drivers a choice between two gas engines. The first is the standard V-8 4.8L engine rated at 295 lb-ft of torque and 285 horsepower. The second is the available V-8 6.0L engine rated at 373 lb-ft of torque and 342 horsepower. Each option is part of the legendary GM small-block engine collection, designed for effective and silent operation, including:

  • Quieter alternator
  • Timing chain tensioner
  • Full-floating pins (piston)
  • Friction-reducing coating (polymer) on skirts of pistons
  • Damping oil pan patch

Alongside a quiet engine, customers can remain confident in the long-lasting performance of their engine. The family of impressive systems have been carefully validated under a number of harsh conditions, and the 6.0L engine has been tested to the equivalent of up to 200,000 miles - which is an impressive 50,000 miles more than any other engine in the range. The engine also features a number of components intended to prompt long-life and reduce costs and maintenance.

It is also possible for customers to access a special version of the 6.0L engine that incudes hardened valve seats for the compressed natural gas model of the Express. This is the industry's only CNG vehicle that has been fully integrated at the factory itself, backed by GM's five-year powertrain warranty, and crash tested.

Suspension and Chassis

The express was built using a ladder-type strong full frame architecture. This amazing frame features carefully boxed sections to ensure the best possible rigidity and strength, while tapered and extent rails in the front frames are used to improve crashworthiness. On top of this, the addition of tubular frame cross members increase the torsional stiffness of the total vehicle. All models feature a 35mm front stabilizer bar, and independent short-long arm suspension at the front.

Other features of the suspension and chassis include:

  • 9,600 lbs GVWR on 3500 models
  • 9,900 lbs GVWR on 3500 Duramax diesel models
  • 8,600 lbs GVWR on 2500 models
  • 117.3 litre fuel tank as standard
  • Rear locking differential available on all models
  • Electronic stability (StabiliTrak) control as standard
  • Four-wheel hydroboost disc brakes with dynamic rear proportioning as standard and ABS

Crash Avoidance and Safety

The Chevrolet 2016 Express is packed with a number of fantastic security and safety features, including head-curtain side airbags as standard for a greater level of protection in the unfortunate event of a vehicle rollover or side impact. This vehicle also comes with amazing Enhanced Technology Glass which ensures better occupant retention as standard on both fifteen-passenger and twleve-passenger models. Further safety features include:

  • Standard daytime running lamps
  • Standard side-curtain air bags
  • Standard front passenger and driver air bags
  • Anti-lock four-wheel disc brake system as standard with hydroboost
  • Convex and flat exterior mirrors for an enhanced vision range are standard
  • Standard tire pressure monitoring system
  • Turn-by-turn navigation and OnStar are standard
  • Standard side-cut keys
  • StabiliTrak as standard on all models