Regular tire inspection is the best way to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce harmful emissions, save money and most importantly, make your car, truck or SUV safer.

If your vehicle pulls to one side of the road, if your tires are squealing when turning or if your steering wheel is no longer sitting straight when you hold it at 10 and 2, it is likely your wheels are out of alignment.

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Wheel Alignment & Balance

Your wheel alignment plays an important role in keeping your car or truck on the road and being able to steer and drive with ease. This service is recommended every year or any time a suspension component is replaced which is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Any small change in your suspension, curbing your vehicle, potholes or construction roadwork will affect your alignment and vehicle stability. If your steering wheel is not centered, or your tires seem to be wearing out prematurely, our Jim Tubman Chevrolet Certified Service Technicians will align your vehicle and help keep you straight on the road.

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